Sy remains PH’s richest


MALL magnate Henry Sy remains the Philippine’s richest man, with an estimated net worth of $12.7 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

The second richest is Asia Brewery and Fortune Tobacco owner Lucio Tan, whose net worth was placed at $6.1 billion. He was followed by port and casino magnate Enrique Razon Jr. with $5.2 billion.

Andrew Tan of Alliance Global Group Inc. came in fourth with an estimated $5.1 billion net worth.

Tan was followed by John Gokongwei Jr. of Cebu Pacific, $4.9 billion net income; construction firm owner David Consunji, $3.9 billion net worth;

Metrobank’s George Ty, $3.7 billion net worth; Aboitiz family headed by John Ramon Aboitiz, $3.6 billion net worth; Jaime Zobel de Ayala, the chairman emeritus of Ayala Corp., $3.4 billion net worth; and Tony Tan Caktiong of fast-food chain Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Pizza Hut, $2 billion net worth.

The complete list of the country’s richest and their net worth:

1.Henry Sy, $12.7 billion
2. Lucio Tan, $6.1 billion
3. Enrique Razon Jr., $5.2 billion
4. Andrew Tan, $5.1 billion
5. John Gokongwei Jr., $4.9 billion
6. David Consunji, $3.9 billion
7. George Ty, $3.7 billion
8. Aboitiz family, $3.6 billion
9. Jaime Zobel de Ayala and family, $3.4 billion
10. Tony Tan Caktiong, $2 billion
11. Robert Coyiuto Jr., $1.8 billion
12. Lucio and Susan Co, $1.7 billion
13. Yap family, $1.475 billion
14. Manuel Villar, $1.460 billion
15. Inigo and Mercedes Zobel, $1.2 billion
16. Alfredo Yao, $1 billion
17. Andrew Gotianun, $955 million
18. Vivian Que Azcona, $935 million
19. Eduardo Cojuangco Jr., $870 million
20. Beatrice Campos, $825 million
21. Po family, $770 million
22. Oscar Lopez, $700 million
23. Alfonso Yuchengco, $685 million
24. Roberto Ongpin, $680 million
25. Betty Ang, $670 million
26. Dean Lao, $625 million
27. Manuel Zamora, $620 million
28. Carlos Chan, $550 million
29. Jorge Araneta, $510 million
30. Mariano Tan Jr., $445 million
31. Edgar Sia, $390 million
32. Ramon Ang, $380 million
33. Michael Romero, $375 million
34. Concepcion family, $320 million
35. Philip Ang, $315 million
36. Frederick Dy, $310 million
37. Luis Virata, $300 million
38. Alfredo Ramos, $260 million
39. Wilfred Steven Uytengsu Jr., $255 million
40. Tomas Alcantara, $250 million
41. Jose Antonio, $240 million
42. Bienvenido Tantoco Sr., $235 million
43. Jacinto Ng, $230 million
44. Gilberto Duavit, $200 million
45. Menardo Jimenez, $195 million
46. Eric Recto, $190 million
47. Walter Brown, $183 million
48. Felipe Gozon, $182 million
49. P.J. Lhuillier, $180 million
50. Juliette Romualdez, $170 million


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  1. You should write an article behind Henry Sy’s billions to be fair to all who work in SM and those who shop in his malls. Are we supporting a corrupt businessman?

  2. pag namatay si tatang, saan mapupunta yaman nya? ipapamana nya sa mga anak nya na mayayaman na rin? pag namatay na rin sila, saan na mapupunta kayamanan nila kasama na yung minana nila? bakit di na lang itulong sa mga dapat tulungan? ngayon na.

  3. Ms Kim Henares , these are the richest Filipinos with their total income right before your eyes and these are the earnings in billions that needs to be audited, not those doctors whose practice in medicine are being paid very little and sometimes treat patients for free or without pay (Charity).

  4. jose hernani m. parco on

    it really pays to have thousands work for you with out paying their rightful benefits as stipulated in our labour code/law being plain contract workers in connivance with our dept of labour!

  5. So does anyone wonder why henry sy is the richest man in the philippines. He owns all these supermarkets & doesnt employ the workers there. He uses employment agencies to get his workers & these workers only have a yearly contract & it has to be renewed each year. When each worker reaches the age of 27 thats the last year they can work there as they are deemed to old. Im sure the government if they truly care about the workers in this country could & should do something about this. They work there for year after year but have to stop at 27 because they are deemed to old, its disgusting. Henry sy doesnt have to give them a pension so what happens to these people at age 27, they have to look for another job & so it starts all over again.
    I cant for the life of me understand why this doesnt cause huge outrage in this country. You look at any decent country & you will find supermarket workers there in their 60’s let alone 20’s. Is it because people in other countries are better than the filipino. Of course not its just used in this country to make henry sy richer & richer.
    I say do something now for these people, they cant complain or they will instantly dismissed. But i never see a single filipina standing up & saying something about this. Dont you people care about your fellow countrymen, im a foreigner & i see it very clearly, please stand up for these people & get something done about it.
    I have no axe to grind on this, i have no friends or relatives who work for any supermarket. Im just a concerned person.

  6. Talagang yayaman yan gahaman sy yan dahil maraming emplyado ng SM di niya magawa iregular sa kanilang trabaho karamihan sa kanila contractual kaya walang mga benepisyo nakukuha.