Sydney OFW calls senator PH ‘destroyer’


SOME overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Sydney, Australia are not pleased with how politicians and groups not allied with the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte try to project the image of the Philippines to the international community and they made sure minority Sen. Risa Hontiveros got the message.

In her recent meeting with the Filipino community held at the Philippine Consulate Office in Sydney, which was posted on the Internet, Hontiveros was asked by an OFW on how they can help improve the image of the Philippines when there are people including the senator who keep on trying to malign the country before the world.

The OFW, who identified herself as Luwalhati, particularly cited Hontivero’s recent demand on Duterte for him to allow the United Nations to come to the Philippines and investigate reported unexplained killings in the country.

She was referring to a recent statement of Hontiveros urging the Duterte administration to invite representatives of the UN and the European Union to verify allegations of extrajudicial killings in the country.

“Where is the honor in that? How can we be honorable when we malign our own community, our own people and suggesting that there are crimes going on done by the government against its own people?” Luwalhati asked Hontiveros.

She said it is unfair for OFWs all over the world who are doing their best to help change the image of Filipinos and the Philippines before the international community and yet there are elected officials like her who continuously try to bring the country down.

“We are the ones who are directly affected. We are in the frontline and we have to put up with that,” Luwalhati added.

“You’re a senator so people will listen to you whether we like it or not, so how can we change the image [of the Philippines]if there are people who keep on destroying it,” she said.

Hontiveros reacted by saying she only urged the government to invite representatives from the United Nations to visit the country and investigate, not demand they they be allowed to enter the Philipines.

She added that figures on drug-related deaths were based on data of the Philippine National Police wherein 60 percent of deaths were from legitimate police operations while 40 percent were considered deaths under investigation (DUI).

Hontiveros, part of the Senate minority bloc, explained that she made the call for the government to invite the UN representatives because of earlier claims of the Duterte administration that the international community had been misled on the real score in the war on drugs.

“So that was the spirit of my statement urging government [to issue an invitation]and with all due respect also I’m not maligning [the government], it’s an attempt as a legislator to call the attention of the executive,” she pointed out.

She said as a member of a separate and co-equal branch of the government, it is her duty to point out things that may need correction or gap that may need filling by the executive.


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  1. Alfredo Zarate on

    It’s a big slap on Hontiveros’ face. A standing ovation for that lady. Let us protect our country against these yellow zombies.

  2. A chorus of Duterte diehards. Go for it, Ms Hontiveros.. Do what you is best for our country. God bless you.

    • Go for what? Diehards, huh. Now is the time when the voice of the people are heard and not the color of money. Wake up, Philippines!

  3. Opposition leaders and groups knows that Duterte has a strong leadership and followers. They are so desperate . That is why they are doing these, making a huge noise to international community. What a shame!

  4. Controlled economies (and media) like China would never bring out to us bad news in their country. Not so here in our some what democracy country. Our politicians simply hype up on the masa sentiment during election time and stay there afloat for the next 3, 6 or 9 years keeping the same gullible masa more poor,ignorant, uninformed and confused. Now 2 top women politicians even went further hurting not only us but including our OFWs.It is as if we do not have already enough things to be ashamed of in the global stage.

  5. Hontiveros is a PCOS machine senator, she was one of the beneficiaries of the elections irregularities, the first big time beneficiary is Laylayan Robredo..

  6. RIzza Hontiveros should explain the missing funds in Philhealth and why she used Phillhealth funds for advertisements promoting her candidacy.

  7. mali pa rin Hontiveros eh… ang ibig mong sabihin dahil misled ang international community tungkol sa drug war kailangang pumunta dito ng kung sinu-sinong herodes para sila ang mag imbestiga para sa atin??? bakit? sino sila sa atin? ano ang pananagutan ng Pilipinas sa mga dayuhan???? wala tayong sariling korte na syang maglilitis sa mga kriminal ng ating bansa??? ikalawa, bakit misled ang international community tungkol sa drug war sa Pilipinas? iyan ay dahil sa inyo na nasa oposisyon na ginagamit ang lahat ng inyong makakaya para ipinta ang Pilipinas na magulo. kayo ang dahilan sa maling akala ng mga dayuhan tungkol sa Pilipinas ngayon. kayo. wag kang maghugas kamay.

  8. Hontiveros is no different from aquino, trillianes, de Lima, drilon and pangilinan and their lowly errand soliman. All dangerous species whose only preoccupation is to destroy this country and get back to power.

  9. Hontiveros is merely a selfish politician.

    She is a crab.

    I’m glad she is self-destructing fast.

  10. The PH does have rules and laws to govern itself. It does not help the Nation to go outside the country to advertise perceived wrongs. It does impact our OFWs in a negative manner.

  11. But her statement regarding deaths is not the same with the statistics that the PNP dissiminated. According to her, more than half of the total deaths died in the legitimate police operations. But in the actual PNP stats, the number of deaths that occured in the police ops is 2500 out of 7000 total deaths. So 2500 is not more than half of 7000, right?

  12. Riza Hontiveros is a shameless and a hypocrite who is simply an attack dog of the certified yellows She does not care what the people are talking against her, even accusing her of not doing anything for the country but insist to be on her own by just criticizing and attacking the Duterte administration day in, day out. It is sickening to see Hontiveros, Pangilinan, Aquino, Drillon keep on saying things to belittle the ntion. As if they are non-Filipinos.

  13. Leland Sacro on

    The Yellowtards seems to have underestimated the effectiveness of social media in protecting a very popular president.