Sydney’s top stylists bring ‘balayage’ color technique to Manila


Three-decade old Filipino salon chain Piandré successfully hosted a three-day seminar led by Edwards and Co., winner of Australia’s Best Salon Business 2017, to share their hair coloring expertise with their in-house stylists and selected representatives from other top salons in Metro Manila.

The highly acclaimed Edwards and Co. is the home of Sydney’s most innovative stylists, and through its amazing services, the trusted salon of many Australian celebrities.

Lakmé Philippines President Aina Valencia (center) with its training group and the Edwards and Co. Australian Salon Team (from left) Michael Kelly, Jaye Edwards and Bianca Boulden

Led by founder and owner Jaye Edwards, their team of colorists and stylists are known for the “balayage” techniques and the natural sun-kissed, lived-in color look. Edwards himself together with colleague Michael Kelly conducted intensive seminar where they shared their full process of coloring using Barcelona’s world-famous hair color collection, Lakme.

“We teach people how to do low-maintenance, lived-in color because it’s actually kind of hard to do, especially with darker hair,” said Edwards. “With Piandré taking us here, a lot of opportunities will open up for other people as well, and hopefully we can come back here and make it a regular thing.”

Explained Lakmé Philippines President Aina Valencia, “Hair coloring is a huge part of the salon industry in the Philippines. We Filipinos are very conscious of our looks and take care of ourselves very well. After the haircut, the most requested service in a salon is the hair color. The primary thing is having hair that looks healthy and neat. Our brand’s signature ash colors perfectly neutralizes the natural warm tones in Asian hair, which makes it suited for the hair and skin tone of Filipinos.”

Valencia further disclosed, “A lot of people ask us to send in trainers so they can learn about what’s the latest. With our workshops, we hope they will be able to absorb and learn more.”

It was in 2012 that the Piandré salon group brought Lakmé to its salons, after learning of its widespread recognition from professionals in over 90 countries due to its excellent quality and selection of products that nurture the hair.

As an established name in the industry, Piandré not only seeks to continually improve its own expertise, but it also contributes to the progress of the salon industry in the Philippines. Piandré and Lakmé Philippines thus collaborate in providing value-adding skills training for stylists, and not just those of Piandré’s, because they believe that the superior quality of products should be partnered with quality continuing education.


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