Syjuco accuses Drilon of greed, graft and corruption in Iloilo oil spill


Former Iloilo lawmaker is suing Senate President Franklin Drilon for graft and corruption on Thursday over the oil spill off Napocor power barge PB 103 that spilled some 500,000 liters of toxic bunker fuel in Iloilo province offshore areas.

“Work on the oil spill has been left unattended to, by a disqualified, and non-competent, winning bidder, who was openly served in public by no less than Senate President Franklin Drilon,” former Rep. Augusto Syjuco Jr. of Iloilo said in his complaint.

Syjuco urged the Ombudsman “to use its powers to set matters right for Ilonggo people caught in the very fast, continuing and worsening series of human and ecological tragedies.

“Emanating from Drilon’s unconscionable interference and self-aggrandizing in truism, these have escalated the on-going and increasing bunker fuel spills from the large belly of the sunken power barge,” he said.

In his complaint, Syjuco said that there are “three obvious anomalies in the two biddings conducted by Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (Psalm), and de facto by Drilon.

“First, On November 20, 2013 on during the first bidding of 4 p.m., after the disqualification of one bidder, the remaining qualified bidder, Harbor Star, with the bid of P96.4million should have won, but was unfairly disqualified by Psalm because it did not indicate if its bid was exclusive of VAT or not. Psalm should just have properly negotiated with Harbor Star, considering that it was the sole bidder remaining but Psalm had decided to increase its price offer to P100 million exclusive of vat [value-added tax], and more importantly that Psalm decided to offer an open-ended provision that it would be willing to pay further additional costs if needed to finish the job.

“Second, Kuan Yu entered as a bidder because its President was apparently told not to leave the premises, and that after the 1st bidding at 4:30 p.m., to expect a second bidding thereafter after 8 p.m.

“Third, Psalm’s bid documents were silent as to who are entitled to bid. Hence, after the second bidding, Psalm still had to determine the qualification and capability of Kuan Yu early the next day, November 22, 2013,” the complaint said.

Syjuco added that, Kuan Yu was recommended to be disqualified then and there, by the Psalm BAC because:

a) Kuan Yu was only capitalized for a measly P62,500, with listed assets composed of a few office furnitures valued at P75,000, its gross revenue was only P59,000 for 2012 and it had no equipment, or materials, as compared to Harbor Star which had P424 million in paid capital and P1.5 billion in authorized capitalization, and all the various equipment that one could dream about;

b) Kuan Yu was earlier registered as Maxx Ionized Water Inc. whose primary purpose of business was for the collection, purification and distribution of ionized bottled drinking water.


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