Taboan: A point of view


Bookworm. That is the usual impression about a writer. Of course, what would someone write if he has nothing in his mind in the first place?

Writing is a bit of a hobby but also liberation, expression and sometimes to impression. It is a concoction of the writer’s life, his perception about the world, and the truth that excites his being.

What does it take to be a writer?

It is never easy being a writer. The beginning of his career is always as complex as writing an introduction.

Not everyone is born a writer. Even professional writers have passed through turmoil and a lot of disappointments.

Filipino writers are not exceptional in this manner. We write painstakingly to be noticed. The worst thing is after a successful written output, less than 10 percent of the Filipinos can read it. Most Filipinos are literate but only a select few can hold a book. (You may also imagine the struggles of winning a publisher these days.)

Filipinos are very passionate about life like the Italians, highly artistic like French… But most of us are not given a chance to be passionate about the things we love and appreciate. Perhaps, our poverty stricken society is a great factor.

Maybe, you would agree with me if I also say that the Filipinos are not really “the writer” type. We are more of “the talker.” We appreciate stories better through listening than reading and so, less Filipinos write.

Oral tradition has sunk deep in our culture that’s why we love watching TV talk shows, and this has made Kris Aquino one of the most celebrated personalities in our country.

Taboan has stepped forward to change our point view.

The Taboan spirit uplifts not only the oral tradition but also the literary evolution of the Filipinos. It is not merely a gathering of writers. It is an invitation to inspire unsung writers throughout the Philippines. It is a gate widely open which encourages different types people, both young and old, to write their visions and aspirations. It is a dream made possible by the cradle of the Filipino culture ~ the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) through its National Committee on Literary Arts (NCLA).

A Taboan experience is a platform showcasing Filipino culture, delving on the music and dance of the host town or city, its food, fashion and people.

It brings philosophic ideas of the writers to the masses. Both local and national writers are given a chance to brainstorm and propose schemes to better off a writer and his work.

Now, Taboan has earned its place as the hub for budding writers, professionals and aficionados. It is a gigantic move of the NCCA, a feat that would never cease to enlighten not only writers but also educators, students and common citizens of our nation.

Apparently, an umbilical cord was formed between our culture and the Filipino writers. Taboan has just become the womb that reassures us of their phenomenal survival.


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