Tacloban airport closed until Thursday morning


The Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport also known also known as the Tacloban Airport in Tacloban City underwent a temporary runway closure Wednesday afternoon, airport authorities said.

In a notice to airmen (NOTAM) on the closure, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), normal operations will resume on Thursday (Aug 6), 5:00 pm.
CAAP further said that the closure was due to the need for immediate repairs in the asphalted landing roll portion of the airport’s runway.
Tacloban airport’s closure has meanwhile affected a number of flights, mostly from low-cost airlines.
However, authority assured that airline companies will properly accommodate affected passengers and inform them of their next available flights. 



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  1. The effort of CAAP in the rehabilitation of Tacloban airport runway is shameful. After nearly 2 years after Yolanda. Maybe it’s better to get the Chinese to do the work, they managed to reclaim,construct the 5000 meters runway at the South China sea complete with nav lights,radars and other support facilities. The island they created is more than 6000 kms from the Chinese mainland and here we are in Tacloban with our DOTC struggling to rehabilitate the runway. Is this not enough proof of more ineptitude of pabaya and abnoy?