• Tacloban guard unsure of being rehired


    FRANCO Sanchez, 36, continues to watch over his father Rodolfo, a stroke victim, whose condition worsened when Yolanda hit Eastern Visayas last month.

    Rodolfo, 74, is just one of the 146 Yolanda victims taken to and treated at the East Avenue Medical Center, according to Dr. Alfonso Nuñez 3rd.

    The other patients have been discharged while others who could afford it, transferred to their preferred medical institutions. Those who were confined like Sanchez had been sick before their admission and confinement at the hospital.

    Rodolfo, a former fisherman from Fisherman’s Village in Tacloban, suffered a stroke 10 years ago and was recuperating when the super typhoon levelled his community. He was among those ferried by military plane C130 to Manila for immediate medical attention.

    Franco, was a security guard at the Tacloban Airport which was one of the infrastructures damaged Yolanda. He rushed home at the height of the storm to ensure that his father was safe.

    He and his family were renting the ground floor of a two-story apartment when the storm surge engulfed their building.

    So he begged his landlady to allow him to take his wife, four children and parents to a small space on the second floor so they would not be carried away by the hellish waves.

    In halting Tagalog, he described the scene: “The wind was blowing heavily that night. You can hear its howling heightening to a frightening level. Doors were banging, glass windows shattered right on the floors and rooftops flew off as nearby houses collapsed.”

    As he tried to get some help outside, he found his neighbor’s wife and three children who drowned during the storm surge.

    Franco looks at his father Rodolfo, with tears in his eyes, as his dad lay calmly on the hospital bed. He is just waiting for his father to be discharged before taking by him to their relatives in Manila.

    Sanchez and his family flew to Manila to get medical help for his father and find a temporary home for his family.

    But not for long. He will return to his job at the Tacloban airport although uncertain if he would be rehired.


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