Tacloban mayor: Roxas ignored plea to reinforce police


(By Jefferson Antiporda, Top Stories, December 10, 2013)
Clueless trillanes saying the relief & rescue operations should be follow the law! this noynoy government that he supports does not know the law and has no inclination to follow. they have trampled the constitution, corrupted all branches of government. misuse the people’s money to buy loyalty and all sorts of evil things. good for nothing noynoy government!
ed1151, edsace@gmail.com

Sad to say, the President and Roxas will just ignore the hearing and nothing will come out of it. Politica na naman.
Gnin, putarageese@yahoo.com

ha ha ha it is all baloney, well in fact your wife leave tacloban to be in Manila being interviewed by different network, and only came back when everything is ok. the fact of the matter is your family have ruled tacloban but the lively hood of the people there did not improve. May be you where coach by wife to cry because remember she is an actress too. all i see in the tv is your administrator atty tecson lim, he should be given an outstanding honor for what he did.
a tiongson, vizliner50@yahoo.com

I think you are done Mar Roxas. Do not expect to be a President after Aquino.
Danny Boy, danny.coloso@lafpp.com


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  1. PNOY is not a forgiving president not like his Mom. His MOM is God fearing woman but Pnoy is more of hatred in his heart. That’s why he cannot understand GMA ‘ s request to go abroad to have second opinion on her sickness. That’s why all his Tutas are like him – De Lima, Henares, etc. From Corona to Pacquiao he has no mercy because they are all in the opposition then he has to dismantle them. Even Pacquiao will get all the Honors for the country and supporting document for his taxes, the case will mot be resolved unless it is on his favor. What a shame going to Davao to pretend to get the priest’s blessings before the presidential election but in return it’s evil ‘ s intentions.