Tacloban to recover in two years


DAVAO CITY — Typhoon Yolanda survivors may be leaving Tacloban City in hordes but it doesn not mean that the city will become a ghost town soon.

“Of course, outmigration is expected after what happened because the present infrastructure cannot sustain the current population of 200,000 in the city,” Commission on Population Executive Director Dr. Juan Antonio A. Perez III said.

He said these people will stay out while the city is recuperating and the local government is rebuilding health, educational and other infrastructure.

All the hospitals there are not functioning efficiently because they were also damaged by the storm so people are expected to seek treatment elsewhere, he said.

“It may take one to two years for Tacloban to recover; look at Baguio which also experienced outmigration after the earthquake but the people came back,” he said.




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