Taclobanons call Lacson a ‘demolition czar’


The alliance of Yolanda survivors in Eastern Visayas said presidential assistant for rehabilitation and recovery Panfilo Lacson was a demolition czar and not a reconstruction czar.

Sr. Edita Eslopor, spokesperson of the People Surge, an alliance of Yolanda survivors in Tacloban, said Lacson has not rehabilitated Yolanda-ravaged areas, but “would be just restoring urban misery surrounded by the sea of countryside poverty.”

Eslopor said “Sec. Lacson makes that much, much worse by doing the coup de grace after the storm by banning the poor from returning to coastal communities, while saddling the peasants with heavier debts through micro-financing. Thus, we are compelled to say Sec. Lacson is a czar of demolition and not reconstruction.”

She further lambasted the implementation of the Reconstruction Assistance for Yolanda (RAY) since, she said, only local big businesses and foreign banks benefit from the massive spending on infrastructure.

“The RAY is patterned on the “Build Back Better” scheme in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries stricken with calamities. It is meant to perpetuate the rule of local tyrants and their foreign masters,” she said.

The People Surge claimed that Lacson failed to consult Yolanda survivors before implementing such programs, and said the “reconstruction fund goes directly to local government units and especially benefits the allies of the government who are preparing for the election.”

Eslopor declared, “there is not an iota of sense in giving funds to local government incapable of doing significant reconstruction and in light of the large-scale damage demanding a national effort.”

She pointed out that there were “other more capable administrators or council experts” than Lacson who can respect and consult the people.

“Lacson is merely a henchman for the Aquino government’s anti-people, pro-big business, debt-driven and infrastructure-led reconstruction program,” she averred.
Meanwhile, she urged the people to become vigilant and defend their rights in the face of the great reversal and not on the reconstruction.

She added that the people should also monitor the programs of the Aquino administration that will surely entrench the elite, widen the divide between the rich and the poor, and ensure the conti–nuing exploitation and oppres–sion of the people.


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  1. anthony henderson on

    i am in full ageement with this article,, i was in tacloban and ormoc very recently and there seems to be very little happening there is still no roof on the bus station for an example,i was also in san miguel and i watched people line up for hours to get some tins of corned beef and some rice to last them a week ,i think they were made to wait until the mayor arrived so she could be photographed handing it out,i think this is not the way the doner countries expect there gifts to be handed out.

  2. i believe to sec lacson sa kanyang plan na makatulong kaya lang bkit kaya cya pumapayag ng ganyn wala syang power a mere supervision only pero wala cyang control parang my hiden ewan ko pero nasisira sya

  3. I was afraid this would happen and if the allegations are true, it hurts! It hurts because I know how politics are in our country. Aid goes to the government then less 20% maybe, goes down to more government people, then another less 20%, it goes down to the lower government people, who after taking their percentage, gives it to the businessmen, most of them are either family or friends and what is left of the aid is what goes to the people which is, maybe, 10%. This is very saddening given the fact that these people are already victims and need help to rise from the ashes so to say. We have hearts to feel compassion and love and pity, not to oppress the needy more.i wish this is not true, I really wish!

  4. There is some truth to what Sr. Edita said about the Yolanda ravaged reconstruction, when it comes to the type of houses, to replace what was destroyed. I also agree that the government should have listened well, to the people before building the houses which are alien to them. The people would have been very happy to rebuild their houses as they were in their property as is, but the government to provide a stronger, safer structure, for them to go to, in case of Yolanda like episode comes along, with a well planned sewer system and water supply for the people. I hope it is not too late to correct what was done, because this proposal is doable, cheaper and the citizens will be happier.