Tado’s widow shaves head in front of Florida bus terminal


The widow of activist-comedian Arvin “Tado” Jimenez on Wednesday shaved her head in front of Florida Bus terminal in Sampaloc, Manila in a bid to convince authorities to enforce road safety.

“If Tado were alive then he would have done the same to make his statement loud and clear. Tado has been an activist since our student days in PUP [Polytechnic University of the Philippines] and he always made his political statement in a creative fashion,” Lei Jimenez told reporters.

Tado was killed together with 14 others when the Florida bus they were riding fell off a ravine in Mountain Province last February 7.

“This unfortunate loss of so many lives was caused by the irresponsibility of the GV Florida Bus Lines and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). They should be made accountable and justice should be served to the victims and their families,” she said.

“The whole system must be reformed. If this ‘kabit’ and ‘kolorum’ system continue and blatant multiple violations are tolerated, more lives will be put in danger. It is such an irony that Tado was killed by the system he has painstakingly tried to change,” she added.

Joining Lei were members of Dakila, a group co-founded by Tado.
The group wants reforms in transport system.

“Dakila vowed to rally behind Tado’s family and those of the victims of the bus tragedy in their pursuit of justice and reforms in the transportation system,” the group said.

LTFRB issued a 30-day preventive suspension.

The bus firm promised to give all victims who died P100,000 cash, aside from the P50,000 cash from the insurance company. JAIME PILAPIL


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  1. LTFRB issued a 30 day preventive suspension. To prevent what? Florida buses to operate? What about the other buses that are out dated and are still running without passing safety inspection? What about the LTFRB doing due diligence in their inspection of all the buses? Until the LTO and LTFRB learn not to sell their souls to these scheming operators, we will continue burying our deads.