• Tagle: Banish the corrupt


    Running priest Robert Reyes signs a petition to abolish the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) after celebrating Mass at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on Sunday. PHOTO BY MIGUEL DE GUZMAN

    Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle called on government leaders to clean up their ranks and step up the campaign against corruption.

    Tagle said that if government leaders do nothing to stop graft and corruption, they will be sending the message that abusing one’s authority and misusing the people’s money are acceptable acts.

    “This is our call to the political community: Fix and clean up your ranks because if you won’t do so, you are teaching the Filipino people that corruption is acceptable,” he said during the monthly Manila Archdiocesan General Pastoral Assembly (Magpas) held at the Cardinal Sin Auditorium of the Paco Catholic School.

    “In the end, each Filipino will become corrupt, thinking that it is part of an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). This should not be the case,” he said.

    Tagle called on government leaders to stop enriching themselves by robbing the people’s coffers and think about helping the poor instead.

    The Cardinal rallied the people to unite and fight corruption.

    “We individuals should strive to change this system. Let us refuse (corruption). We should not comply or agree with practices that are not in keeping with God’s will and the laws of the land,” he said.

    The citizens have the choice of allowing themselves to be swallowed by the corrupt system or to “be different” by opposing it, he said.

    “Even if we say that corrupt practices are widely accepted in various government offices, we all have the freedom to choose,” he said. “The political community and our personal families might have greatly influenced us, but we should always remember that we are free to make a choice.”

    The Cardinal, who earlier lamented the breakdown of moral values, said he was saddened that the people continue to suffer from the cycle of corruption that has plagued the country for decades.

    He described corruption as a “worsening social cancer.”

    “In my lifetime, this is not the first time that we encountered (socio-political issues). As the song goes, When will we ever learn?” Tagle said.

    Corruption, he said, will only be wiped out through the “moral transformation and behavioral change” of the people and this should be led by parents in every household.

    Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President and Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma said legislators should face investigation to bring back the integrity of the political system.

    Palma said the country is facing a “moral crisis” and that government officials have to be transparent and accountable.


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    1. felix servidad on

      Yeah! We need a general cleaning inside
      and out, if did it, everybody’s will say oh what a nice place to live in the Philippines
      Investors will pour out their money to invest as a result there will be plenty of jobs.
      The crime rate Willy dramatically fall and
      everyone can live and sleep at peace without worrying that someone else might
      break in and rob.

    2. Instead of the church intervening the issues of the government, they rather have to create a program on how they can help the poor and the destitute in community. When talking about billions.. The church has that and i haven’t seen any penny they’ve shed out for the poor.

    3. Tagle should clean his ranks first before pointing fingers to the government… He should removed the planks on his eyes so he can see clearly before finger pointing… clean the scandals within their priest first…

      • Cleaning the ranks among the priest would be easy because most of them fear GOD and it can be handled by themselves but this government officials have no fear in GOD and they have the power to destroy our future in our country so they should be really cleaned up once and for all.Anyway the christian priests wouldn’t affect much of our future(probably spiritually only) while these people in the government have no fear or whatsoever and all the aspect of the filipino life would greatly be affected particularly the poor people.

    4. These Senatongs and tonggressmen have no conscience. These crocodiles should imprisoned for life. These are not the representatives of the people but are representatives of the terrorists. Waking hiya ang mga batboy na yam.

    5. Hindi lang i-banish and parusa sa mga magnanakaw na legislators sa Congreso, Executive Branch, Justice Department, at local governments. Dapat bitayin ng di pamarisan ang mga susunod pang generations of politicians.

    6. Focus on the problems within the church including Bishops’ corruption and scandals before you even meddle in government’s affairs, Tagle. You’re just following the footstep of the late Cardinal Sin.

      • Cardinal Tagle was just concern about the welfare of the poor.The problem with the church and its priest are not that much.It can be handled with care but this government officials have no care about the whole filipino people.I think that’s the worst problem and it must be solve at once and once and for all.

    7. Corruption is already a way of life. Moral & spiritual corruption has been accepted by the Filipino people. Even priests are corruptible. Politicians that have multiple wives and partners, and known to steal money from the government coffers are re-elected and adored by the people, even believing that they are some sort of folk heroes because of their ability to evade getting caught. This is the sad reality of Philippine society today. The people again are gaining momentum to protest the pork barrel scandal, but how many more EDSA type of protest do we have to go through. Nothing will ever change, this is just another “ningas kugon”, after a while the corrupt politicians will be back in power, and the cycle starts again. What we really need is to jail all this politicians and keep them there, and put new leaders that have the interests of the people and country in their hearts.

    8. Philippines is not a poor country coming from the mouth of Mrs. Marcos & she knows more than any one else & I agree to that, since She experience the lavish and grandees lifestyle like Enrile, Lapid, Revilla, Gringo, Legarda other legislators who has no concerned with million Filipino’s suffering hunger and poverty. And we must prosecute and jail all legislator who stall the money from us, like Singapore, Indonesia who persecute politician that are corrupt and no conscience & integrity.


      • If they repented sincerely before they die, I don’t think they will.Our GOD is so merciful and compassionate.

    9. Agree with you sir 100 %, and the different church denominations in the Philippines (especially the hierarchy) also needs some cleaning up! The Filipino people desperately needs role model and they look up to people who are in authority.

    10. A political system that allows only the rich and the powerful political dynasties to monopolize the governing in our country, is a sick one. A presidential system that lacks transparency, with all the branches of the government – the Executive, Congress and Justice, all deemed as incompetent and corrupt, is due for a serious overhaul. A Constitution that lacks the safeguards to prevent massive theft of public funds by members of Congress and the Executive Branch, is in need of amendments to put into effect a ban on political dynasties, prohibiting pork barrel for politicians, instituting the death penalty for those found guilty of plunder and election frauds, and putting in place a Freedom of Information Law, among other things.

      In the US, there is such thing as RECALL to throw out erring politicians, Let us RECALL Congress because of dozens of politicians in both Senate and House of Representatives involved in the P10 Billion pork scam. There may be some members of Congress who did not channel their PDAF to fake NGO’s but by keeping silent on the theft of pork by their colleagues, they are guilty of abetting corruption. Better still, let us abolish the corrupt and useless Congress and go after the crooks in the Executive Branch as well.