Tagle blasts thieves in govt


Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on Saturday chastised corrupt government officials, calling them “thick-faced” and “brave” for stealing public money.

“Yang mga nagnanakaw ng pera ng bayan, ang lakas ng loob niyo. Ang tapang ng apog [Those who steal the people’s money, you are so callous],” Tagle said at the Good Governance Forum held at the San Vicente de Paul Parish in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

The forum, organized by the Diocese of Novaliches, aimed to promote social justice for a better Philippines in preparation for the 2016 elections.

Tagle has been very vocal in expressing his anger at officials, particularly those involved in the pork barrel scam.

He noted that government officials should be brave in fighting “evil” and in defending the rights of the people.

“Gamitin ang katapangan sa pagiging mabuti [use your boldness and audacity to do good],” he said.

He lamented that government officials become “cowards” when they are asked to become Godly, or when they are called upon to become pro-life.

“Pero para sa kalokohan pagkatapang tapang at very creative. Lahat nagagawan ng paraan para sa kasamaan [But when it comes to improper acts they are bold and very creative. They find ways to do what is not right],” he quipped.

The cardinal noted that graft and corruption can destroy a nation.

“People individual and nations get paralyzed when trust is violated. So be trustworthy and help restore trust in the world,” he said.


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  1. Nearly all politicians nowadays are CROOKS. And majority of them belong to the Roman Catholic Church.

    • Exactly what I was about to say. Tagle blasts thieves in Gov’t…for not giving the church their share of the loot.

  2. I totally agree with the Cardinal’s call for all these government officials to be truthful and trustworthy because before they got their positions, the Filipino people trusted them when they were elected based on trust. They baited the electorate with their nefarious promises. Now, they appear on television laughing inspite of their despicable deed. Nakakasuka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PWEH!.

  3. Do the readers believe that our government workers especially King PNoy, his allies and all those thieves in the Senate and Lower House will take the message of Cardinal Tagle to heart? As expected they will all be like St. Peter, the denier 3 times over. All these crocodiles will, with the same thick face say, “who me.? “Not me, maybe the others.” These thieves will always be the buck-passers” and “finger pointers” just like the King of Pork.


    I agree 100% with what the good cardinal says. Corruption destroys the nation.
    Absolutely. I also agree with what Abnoy says that do not elect entertainers who
    only knows how to dance and sing. In addition to that, do not elect especially
    yong malandi at nagging asawa ng bayan. Yong nagsabi na nagkatolo noon.
    Don’t ever make the mistake of voting these kind of people. Not a good example
    especially to children.