• Tagle laments bribery infects entire country


    Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle lamented the bureaucratic institutions that had considered bribery as part of “standard operating procedures” as the Filipino transact with them.

    According to Tagle, bribery, which has long been perceived as a wrong doing, has gradually become part of the Filipino culture, citing it “a very saddening for it becomes a widespread practice.”

    However, he noted that the wrong doings in the bureaucratic institutions can be cured if the Filipino culture will be transformed into an area of integrity.

    “Even the business people are now looking for ways on how we can develop a culture of integrity to replace the culture of corruption that has entered our society,” Tagle said. “What is even worse is that you will even be criticized when you attempt to correct these misdeeds.”

    To correct the bribery, the prelate urged the faithful to be truthful and honest in their daily lives, condemning dishonesty as the “beginning of the culture of corruption.”


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    1. You’re absolutely right your excellency. The learning should start from school, churches and in all institutions. Rules on proper ethics and behaviour should be written and effectively implemented. Ethics and proper values should start from home, school, then on parish churches and hopefully to private and public institutions. Anybody who is engaged in unethical behaviour should be named and shamed. Churches should teach people proper dress code, behaviour and teaches what the bible say about ethics. Priests, pastors and preachers, parents … we all have part to play. Churches should also look into the payment for baptism, weddings, etc. Is this correct or another or form of making money? For there are none righteous no not one. Let’s start to clean our own backyard.