• Tagle warns voters against ‘fake’ leaders


    MANILA Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on Monday urged voters not to choose pretenders or so-called “fake leaders” in the coming 2016 local and national elections.

    Tagle said voters should be discerning and critical in choosing candidates, noting that voting is a sacred right.

    “Voting is not just a civic duty. It is a sacred act because voting is supposed to emanate from your conscience. Let’s not vote on who is popular. And more important, we should not vote because we were paid to do so,” the prelate said in vernacular in his radio program in Church-run Radio Veritas.

    “Discernment is very important. That is why we need to know the backgrounds of those seeking our votes,” he added.

    He stressed that voters should look for a candidates with known track-record and a true servant leader, who is not a thief or a paid hack and whose only concern is the interest and welfare of the people.

    “Don’t vote a fake servant leader. A fake servant leader is a thief, while a good servant is not. A good servant leader will not steal from government, get rich in office or take advantage of his sheep,” Tagle said. “Vote wisely, one good vote will make a difference.”

    The prelate called on Filipino voters to join the “One Good Vote” campaign of election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council on Responsible Voting (PPCRV) and the “Huwag kang Magnakaw (Thou shall not steal)” campaign of the Archdiocese of Manila Public Affairs Ministry.

    Tagle earlier advised presidential aspirants Sen. Grace Poe, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and Vice President Jejomar Binay to raise the bar and integrity of the political campaign.


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    1. I have high respect for the good cardinal when he rallied the Filipinos in Luneta during the height of the pork barrel issue. However, when it comes to the issue of the BBL, I find it hard to support his position when he rated the Malacanang version of the BBL as “overwhelmingly acceptable”. Remember, he was one of those asked by Pinoy to endorse the BBL so that it will look good to the people.

    2. Archbishop Tagle is a true religious leader. He leaves voting to the conscience of his flock and counsels the voter on how to vote. Mabuhay Archbsihop Tagle!

    3. Mayroon bang “K” si Cardinal Tagle to even say those words when his actions are inconsistent with those words ? He should wear a yellow “zucchetto” (skullcap) instead of a red one when he is in town.

      • Archbishop Tagle is a true religious leader. He does not dictate to his flock the particular person to vote. He leaves voting to the conscience of the voter and counsels them on how to vote. Mabuhay Archbishop Tagle!

    4. wla na si Binay, kasi sabi ni bishop tagle “A good servant leader will not steal from government, get rich in office or take advantage of his sheep,” and also they have a campaign with a slogan “Huwag kang Magnakaw (Thou shall not steal)” its a big slap on Binays campaign

    5. Right on Cardinal Tagle. Very well said. Hindi dapat iboto ang mga kandidatong hindi malinis ang pangalan. Hindi dapat iboto ang kandidatong nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Pag binayaran ang boto ninyo, kunin ninyo ang pera pero iboto ang kabilang panig. Iboto ang isang kandidatong tapat, honest, may personalidad na maipagmalaki ang baying Pilipinas. Si Cardinal Tagle lang ang naringgan ko ng matino, makatotohanan, maka-Diyos na payo sa mga botante. Ang ibang Obispo at pare ay binabatikos nila ang administrasyon dahil hindi sila nabigyan ng Padero o kotse.

    6. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      EXCELLENT advice to the bobotantes of Binay. The message is very clear “Huwag kang magnakaw” to Binay. The message should also include, “Isoli mo ang ninakaw mo at pagdusahan mo ang kasalanan mo”. With these messages, the whole family of Binay should now make an act of contrition and return all stolen money to the government to at least lessen the burden or consequences of their misdeeds. The Binay family, paid columnists, his lawyers and followers should now think twice for the WRATH of will be unto them with sickness like stage 4 CANCER. Be scared of the KARMA of your misdeeds (and this includes all his LAWYERS who are defending a guilty person just for the sake of MONEY and positions.