• Taguig implements smoking ban


    The Taguig City government is set to start implementing the administration’s nationwide smoking ban on Sunday.
    The city vowed to “intensify its campaign against smoking in line with the implementation of the National Smoking Ban beginning July 22, a move that aims to ensure a smoke-free environment and harness a healthy community for all.”

    “What we want is a healthier environment for everyone. Smoking has always been a risk to the health of not only the smoker but also to non-smokers. To make this advocacy effective, we are firmly implementing this policy to ensure that every life is protected from the hazardous effects of smoking,” Mayor Laarni Cayetano said.

    The city thus reiterated its directive to residents “to strictly comply with the Anti-Smoking Ordinance, which absolutely prohibits smoking in centers of youth activity, elevators and stairwells, locations in which fire hazards are present, within the buildings and premises of government institutions, offices, and units, public conveyances and places, and in food preparation areas.”

    It noted that in public areas where smoking is allowed, business establishments are required to put signs telling the public the specific place where they could smoke.

    To ensure that the Anti-Smoking City Ordinance will be strictly implemented, the offices composing the city’s Anti-Smoking Task Force, such as the Sanitation Office, Solid Waste Management Office, City Environment and Natural Resources Office, Traffic Management Office, Business Permits and Licensing Office, and Market Management Office will all take part in issuing citation tickets to violators.

    A fine of up to P1,000 will be imposed on first time offenders, while an amount of P3,000 will be meted out to second time offenders.

    On the third offense, a violator has to pay a fine of P5,000. Owners of establishments who violate the ordinance for the third time will also pay a fine of P5,000 and face cancellation of their business permits.


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