• Taguig pnp sided with unscrupulous contractor


    A demolition contractor wants the Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership to investigate the Taguig police over its recent wrongful intervention on the quarrels of two companies without first investigating the real problem.

    According to the complaint, the police sided with the company who allegedly took off millions from the other company.

    The problem started when Ayala Land bought the Food Terminal Inc. (FTI) complex in Taguig. Ayala Land plans to convert FTI into a residential and commercial area just like the Bonifacio Global City.

    But before Ayala Land can start their development of FTI, the project got muddled with controversy and quarrels among its contractors.

    Sources privy to the project said the River Concrete Construction and Development Corp., or Rivercon for short, was tapped by Ayala Land to demolish the dilapidated and old structures in the area.

    Rivercon, whose Chairman is George Matunog Jr., in turn got the demolition services of Magluluma Enterprises.

    Included in their agreement is the purchase of all the debris, particularly the scrap metals and bars, by Magluluma Enterprises estimated to be worth P20 million.

    To cut the story short, the demolition company paid Rivercon P20 million upfront for the scrap metals and debris within the FTI complex.

    However, little did Magluluma know that Rivercon has already sold in advance the debris to another company.

    But when Magluluma tried to ask for a refund from Rivercon, its chairman, Matunog, allegedly drove them away from the site and reportedly destroyed their equipment.

    Rivercon then called the Taguig police to prevent Magluluma from going back to get the scrap metals and debris on the complex.

    Witnesses say the demolition team tried to reason out and even showed the policemen their contract but to no avail. They were prevented from entering the job site anyway.

    Sources said Ayala Land made a big mistake of getting Rivercon, which is reported to have a “negative slippage” on a government project before, on its latest residential and commercial development.

    Could Rivercon be the same company that was blacklisted by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) a few years ago because of a substandard or unfinished project in Tagaytay?

    Well that’s another issue, folks!



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    1. For the information of everyone; River Concrete Construction & Devt. Corp. is a Category AAA contractor & has a paid up capital of 100 Million as per SEC and they are not only a demolition contractor of ALI but for Land Development as well for the 100 hectare FTI Property. We don’t think that Mr. Tulfo’s comment was inappropriate and very unprofessional without even getting rivercon’s side. We don’t think Rivercon will tarnish his good name for a mere demolition project. Well hope Mr Tulfo is ready for another legal battle.

    2. If the investigation finds the top police officer did this he should be removed from the police force & have all his benefits taken from him. They need to understand that their job is to uphold the law not to side with someone who will pay them or is their friend or ex classmate. They swear to uphold the laws of this country without fear or prejudice. Show them no mercy as they showed none to the person who was in the right but sided with liars & cheats for reason right now known only to them.