Taiwan businessmen seek RE ventures


A group of Taiwanese businessmen is currently in the country looking for possible ventures in renewable energy (RE).

The Taiwan Green Energy delegation, headed by Linda L.H. Chen, secretary general of the Bureau of Energy of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, intends to establish partnerships in the Philippines geared toward the development of RE.

Chen said it was the first visit by energy investors from Taiwan seeking possible ventures and partnerships.

“We want to establish cooperation with the Philippines so we brought industry people here— this is the main purpose of this trip,” she told reporters on Tuesday.

Among the companies represented by the delegation were HENGS Technology Co., Ltd., EcoProSource Material Co., Ltd., Sunshine PV Corp., Trainergy Tech Co. Ltd., Tatung Co., Home Lucky Technology Co., Ltd., Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd., Solartech Energy Corp., and Leadray Energy Co. Ltd.

The companies are involved in the development of solar energy infrastructures and solutions as well as LED lighting solutions.

They presented their portfolio during the Green Energy Forum organized by the China Productivity Center, Asian Productivity Organization, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Development Academy of the Philippines.

“We [Taiwanese businesses] are very good [in]developing those energy-saving technology like LED (light-emitting diode), that’s why we want our industry to look [at]the market here,” Chen said.

Meanwhile, she called on the Taiwanese and Philippine governments to undertake more renewable energy projects.

For his part, Tom Wu, principal engineer at the Green Energy Research Laboratory of ITRI, said they are looking forward for more partnerships in solar energy development with the Philippines.

“We want to bring the Taiwanese technology into the Philippines to help in solving the power problem,” he said.

Taiwan is introducing its solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the country.
Wu said the solar PV system could reduce electricity consumption by 50 percent and lower power cost.

“With the PV system you will no longer pay for the transmission because it is just distribution and generation,” the engineer explained.


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  1. When and where was this Green Energy Forum held? Also, did they discuss this with any company, organization, association or chamber of commerce here in the Philippines?

    waiting for your response. thanks