• Taiwan-China relations since 1949


    TAIPEI: Leaders of Taiwan and China are to meet Saturday for the first time since the two sides split in 1949 after a civil war.

    Following is a chronology of key dates in relations:

    – 1949: Mao Zedong’s communists take power in Beijing after defeating Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang (KMT) nationalists, who flee to Taiwan and form their own government, cutting off contacts with Mainland China.

    – 1950s: The United States deploys a fleet in the Taiwan Strait to protect its ally from possible attack by Communist China. War is narrowly averted on several occasions.

    – 1971: Beijing takes over China’s seat at the United Nations, previously held by Taipei.

    – 1979: The United States establishes diplomatic relations with China but also commits itself to defending Taiwan.

    – 1987: Taiwan residents are permitted to visit China, leading to a boom in trade.

    – 1991: Taiwan lifts emergency rule, unilaterally ending a state of war with China.

    – 1993: First direct talks between the two sides are held in Singapore.

    – 1995: Beijing suspends high-level talks in protest at a visit by Taiwanese president Lee Teng-hui to the United States.

    – 1996: China tests missiles off Taiwan to deter voters in the island’s first democratic presidential election, which Lee Teng-hui wins in a landslide.

    – 2001-05: Trade links between Taiwan and China improve, first by sea and then via air links.

    – 2000: KMT loses power for the first time in elections won by Chen Shui-bian of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party.

    – 2004: Chen is narrowly re-elected president.

    – 2005: Beijing adopts a law that makes secession by Taiwan illegal, at the risk of military action.

    – 2008: Taiwan and China resume high-level talks, suspended since 1995, after the KMT’s Ma Ying-jeou is elected president on a Beijing-friendly platform.

    – 2010: Taipei and Beijing sign an Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, the most sweeping document yet between the two sides.

    – 2014: Beijing and Taipei hold first government-to-government talks since they separated in 1949.



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