Taiwan Coast Guard rescues Filipinos


Last Sunday, a Taiwan Coast Guard patrol vessel rescued a drifting Philippine fishing boat with three Filipinos on it.   The rescue took place 80 nautical miles from southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Port.

The three Philippine fishermen on the fishing boat—Ronald Q. Dumaran, Edwin C. Zoilo and Hener Mendoza—were given comfort and protection by Taiwan Coast Guard patrol officers and crew.

The fishermen told their rescuers that they had left on July 15 from Santa Ana, Cagayan Province, on a fishing run. They encountered a typhoon two days later, which cast them adrift for five days.

They also told the Taiwan CG-102 officers that another Philippine fishing boat from Sta. Ana had been distressed by the same typhoon. The Taiwan CG-102 patrol then launched a search and rescue mission for the missing boat. The National Airborne Service Corps of the ROC Ministry of the Interior also dispatched aircraft to join the search for the missing Philippine fishermen.

This heart-warming story of friendship and solidarity between Taiwan people and Filipinos is typical of normal relations between Taiwan and our country.

May God will to make that sweet normality come back soon.


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