Taiwan continues to seek justice for ‘Comfort Women’ – ‘not for revenge but for truth’


THE President of the Republic of China (ROC), Ma Ying-jeou, has said his government will continue seeking justice for Taiwanese women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese during World War II. “Japan should formally apologize to these so-called comfort women and pay appropriate compensation,” Ma said. “The government stands by the victims and will not rest until their dignity is restored. ”The President made the remarks during the March 8 opening ceremony in Taipei City’s Datong District of Ama Museum, the first facility of its kind in the ROC, or Taiwan, dedicated to the plight of the women.



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  1. This museum is most important for all humanity. The Museum will educate all humans of the unspeakable, inhuman atrocities that were forced on these women as sex slaves, so that we humans will not repeat the same atrocities in the future. Those soldiers’ own terrible actions to these enforced sex slaves already speaks of the true horror to all the world, without anyone having to even utter any word of aspersion. The Japanese can cleans themselves by sincerely apologizing to these women. As we know, Christ has told us those who truly repent will be forgiven.
    In this respect, the German people has been most honorable in their admission of guilt, and in their most sincere apologies for causing the Holocaust. Their honorable actions have removed them from being considered a nation of atrocities.