• Taiwan developer detained over deadly quake building collapse


    TAIPEI: The developer of a building in Taiwan that partially collapsed during an earthquake has been detained for negligent manslaughter. The lower floors of the 12-storey Yun Tsui residential building—which also housed a restaurant and hotel—pancaked when a 6.4-magnitude quake struck Hualien on February 6. A total of 17 people died across the eastern coastal town, 14 of them in the Yun Tsui building. Yun Tsui’s developer, surnamed Liu, was detained on Tuesday on suspicion of “manslaughter due to occupational negligence,” while three others— the building’s architect and the two owners of the restaurant and hotel on the lower floors— were questioned and released on bail. They have not yet formally been charged. The Hualien District Prosecutors Office alleged that Liu did not have the necessary engineering qualifications yet oversaw the building’s construction instead of contracting a professional firm. Prosecutors said in a statement that Liu employed workers and supervised himself, leading to a significant reduction in the structural strength and seismic capacity of the completed building. They said it the reason why the Yun Tsui collapsed within eight seconds of the earthquake.



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