• Taiwan gears up for military exercises


    TAIWAN is gearing up for its annual Han Kuang military exercises that will take place on September 15 to 19 in multiple sites around the country, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

    This year’s exercises, the 30th edition since 1984, include a total of 52 separate drills spanning joint combat capabilities, mobilization of aircraft, equipment and personnel, training of core competencies and war games. Civilian aircraft and cyberwarfare tactics will also be incorporated for the first time, helping prepare the military for a wider range of modern warfare conditions.

    “In response to the potential military threat from Beijing, the ministry is focusing on training for joint operations among the three branches of the armed forces,” an MND official said.

    “This will enhance their integration and raise overall fighting capabilities and preparedness,”it added.

    An important feature of this year’s exercises is the landing and takeoff drills using the Chiayi section of the national freeway between Dalin and Shueishang exits. AH-1W attack, CH-47 heavy-lift and OH-58D reconnaissance helicopters are designated to take part in the activity, as well as E-2K early warning aircraft, F16-A/B and Mirage 2000-5 fighters and Taiwan’s homegrown Indigenous Defense Fighters.

    According to the MND, live-fire drills will take place in Pingtung County’s Checheng Township in southern Taiwan, as well as Taiwan’s east coast and south of outlying Penghu County.

    “President Ma Ying-jeou will oversee the exercises in his capacity as commander-in-chief of the armed forces from a Kidd-class guided-missile destroyer during a joint maritime interdiction operation drill,” the official said.



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