• Taiwan group offers efficiency-boosting food processing machines to PH


    The Taiwan Association of Machinery Inc. (TAMI) has offered its food processing machines to boost the quality and competitiveness of the Philippine food manufacturing industry.

    TAMI brought in two of its leading companies in the food machinery industry—Jaw Feng and Auger—to the recently concluded World Food Expo (WOFEX) at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center.

    “These companies offer high quality machinery products that cater to the Philippine market, and will help the country’s food industry become competitive worldwide by helping local companies increase efficiency and distribution,” TAMI said in a statement.

    Jaw Feng introduced its various vacuum-packing machines such as Thermoforming Packaging Machine and Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine, both of which can help preserve produce, making it easier for local food manufacturers to transport goods locally and internationally.

    “The Philippines is known to have a rich agricultural industry that produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as a diverse selection of seafood. However, with the country’s humid weather, farm produce can spoil easily,” said Biao Kuo, general manager of Jaw Feng.

    “With our food processing machines, we can help address this problem by ensuring that the farm products remain fresh so that people from all over the world can experience what this country has to offer,” he added.

    TAMI also brought in Auger, known for its filling machines such as the Semi-Auto Auger Type Powder Metering Filling Machine. This machine is not just useful for those in the food industry but in the health sector as well.

    “Those in the food industry would know that some of the basic ingredients have to start in powder form. This machine can help increase efficiency in packing products that are of small size but needed in large quantities. Other than the food industry, this machine is very useful for pharmaceuticals that need to produce large quantities of medicines for the public,” said Kenny Chou, a sales representative of Auger.

    With the country’s rich agricultural sector, local government leaders are pushing for the improvement of the Philippine food industry. Recognizing this, TAMI said it would continue supporting such initiative by bringing in machines that will help improve the efficiency and competitiveness of local food businesses.


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