Taiwan responds to Beijing’s air defense ID zone


In response to mainland China’s establishment of “East China Sea air defense identification zone,” Taiwan’s National Security Council (NSC) has issued a statement reiterating that Taiwan will protect its dominion and resolve disputes through peaceful dialogue.

Taiwan stressed that it maintains sovereignty over Diaoyutai Islands, a fact which is not affected in any way by mainland China’s announcement concerning an air defense identification zone. Taiwanese government will continue to protect the rights of Taiwanese fishermen in surrounding waters, and maintain patrols to safeguard fishing activities.

Regarding overlap between the air defense identification zones between Taiwan and mainland China, the NSC said that Taiwan Armed Forces will adhere to the principles set forth in the East China Sea Peace Initiative while taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety of Taiwan airspace.

President Ma Ying-jeou proposed the five-point peace initiative last year, urging all parties to refrain from antagonistic actions; not abandon dialogue; observe international law; resolve disputes through peaceful means; and form a mechanism for exploring and developing resources on a cooperative basis.

Located roughly 102 nautical miles northeast of Taiwan proper, the Diaoyutais are an unin-habited archipelago historically attached to Taiwan.


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