Taiwan stresses aid pledge


TAIPEI: Taiwan will continue providing humanitarian aid and support to those affected by the ongoing armed conflicts in the Middle East, according to a Cabinet statement.

“As a firm advocate of such universal values as peace and respect for human rights, the ROC [Republic of China] is deeply concerned with the threat to global security arising from terrorism,” a Cabinet official said.

Since the outbreak of armed conflict in Syria in 2011, Taiwan has provided victims in the region with emergency relief supplies such as clothing, food, LED lighting equipment, medical supplies and prefabricated housing units.

“The government will continue collaborating with other countries and international organizations to make greater contributions to the global community,” the official added.

Given the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity, liberal society and respect for freedom of speech and religion, Taiwan is a relatively low-risk country when it comes to terrorist attacks.

“But in light of the current global situation, the government will step up security to ensure the safety of the people,” the official said.

In addition to the nation’s anti-terrorism response mechanism, the official said other measures in this regard include enhancing information exchanges with the national security authorities of other countries and strengthening border controls.

“At the same time, no effort will be spared to promote social integration in Taiwan so as to create a friendly and safe living environment for all residents,” the official said.



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