Taiwan vessel provides relief supplies to Cebu


A Taiwan naval vessel departed for Cebu on November 25, carrying 530 metric tons of relief supplies for the Philippines in the wake of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

The supplies included solar generators, tents, rice, clothing, crackers and cookies, ready-to-eat food and drinking water, all donated by Taiwan citizens, civic organizations and charity groups such as the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce, Dharma Drum Mountain, Roman Catholic Diocese of Taichung and National Fishermen’s Association. The Chung He class tank-landing ship is expected to reach Cebu in four days.

In a ceremony at southern Taiwan’s Zuoying naval base preceding the vessel’s departure, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ting Joseph Shih said that immediately following the typhoon, President Ma Ying-jeou instructed the government to work closely with nongovernmental organizations to offer disaster relief assistance in the shortest possible time. This is in line with the country’s role as humanitarian aid provider and has deepened its public-private partnership, he noted.

Shih commended citizens and civic groups for the compassion and empathy they showed by collecting hundreds of tons of relief supplies in just a week. He particularly singled out Taiwan troops for working around the clock to help collect, sort, pack, load and ship the relief goods.

Philippine Rep. to Taiwan Antonio Basilio expressed deep gratitude to the Taiwan, emphasizing that the Philippine people would not forget the kindness of the people of Taiwan.


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