• Taiwanese foundation creates 2,680 jobs in Tacloban


    Taiwan-based Tzu Chi Foundation has created jobs to 2,680 storm survivors in nine hard hit villages in this city.

    The cash-for-work program launched November 21, covers Barangays 65, 66, 66-A, 37, 38, 67, 68, 69, and 70, designating Leyte Progressive High School and Anibong Elementary School as the main assembly points.

    The Tzu Chi provides P500 daily cash allowance to workers tasked to clean their respective villages of piles of rubbish and heaps of debris due to the super typhoon.

    “This amount given to residents should not be considered a payment for their hard work but Tzu Chi’s way of lending them a hand, a form of assistance to enable them to buy their basic needs,” said Tzu Chi Philippines chief executive officer Alfredo Li.

    The Buddhist group vowed to continue the implementation of cash-for-work program in the next days to include more areas affected by typhoon “Yolanda” in the province.

    “The best way to address the garbage problem is to mobilize the people to clean their respective communities. As an encouragement, they will receive a cash allowance to help buy the needs of their families. Aside from providing jobs to people, the program strengthens the spirit of camaraderie in the city,” the group said in a statement. PNA


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    1. What a fantastic way to give aid and restore pride in the community. Lets hope the authoritarian leeches don’t try and spoil or steal this aid. All foreign aid should be given this way. Work for food. Build for materials. Then the Government can’t take its greedy share.

    2. Tony Villaragoisa on

      Why can’t the PH govt. do the same for all the donations that it got? Instead of exposing these donations to corruption let them go and pay the people.