Taiwan’s Marson launches wearable ring barcode scanner


TAIWAN’S Marson Technology Co., Ltd. recently introduced its wireless ring barcode scanner to the international media during a briefing in Taiwan.

The MT500L, which can be worn on the finger for increased productivity at the workplace, measures 46 x 29 x 27 mm and weighs just 22 grams, the company said.

Marson Technology specializes in the manufacture of barcode scanners and scan engines.

Built with a Class 1 laser aimer inside and a Marson smart decoder algorithm, MT500L operates at a maximum speed of 400 scans per second and easily reads barcodes on paper surfaces as well as electronic screens in various environments.

The MT500L wireless ring barcode scanner can also connect with an Apple iOS or Google Android or MS Windows smartphone and features 2MB memory which can store up to 20,000 barcodes.

The MT500L won a gold award in the recent 2017 Taiwan Excellence Awards.


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