• Tajikistan reinforces Afghanistan border with 1,000 troops


    DUSHANBE: Ex-Soviet Tajikistan is reinforcing the most dangerous sections of its border with Afghanistan with more than 1,000 extra troops, military sources told Agence France-Presse on Friday. Military sources told Agence France Presse that more than 1,000 troops were serving in the new unit and the numbers could grow, amid fears of jihadist violence spreading into Central Asia. Rakhmonali called the situation on the border “complex,” with “Taliban fighters controlling a significant part of the Afghan border region.” Last year Tajik border guards took part in 30 armed skirmishes with drug smugglers from Afghanistan, killing 16 smugglers. Afghanistan has long been the world’s largest producer of opium and heroin, with profits from the illicit trade helping fund Taliban insurgents who have been waging a deadly insurgency against the Western-backed government.


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