• Tajima mechanical sprayer can speed up sowing of seeds


    Smallholder farmers usually invest a lot of time sowing seeds and applying fertilizers manually, with one hectare of land covered in one day or more requiring more than one worker. But the Tajima Sower Knapsack Spray can help smallholder farmers do those jobs faster.

    The Tajima Sower Knapsack Spray can sow seeds at a much faster rate compared to using manual labor only. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    “The Tajima knapsack spray can sow seeds over 1.75 hectares of land in one hour with only one person needed to operate it,” said a representative of All Certified Equipment Trading Corp. (ACETC), the distributor of the product.

    Made in Vietnam, the Tajima Sower Knapsack Spray is a seed sower, fertilizer broadcaster, and pesticide sprayer that is powered by a small gasoline engine. It weighs about 14 kilograms (30.8 pounds).

    Besides its capability to sow seeds over 1.75 hectares in one hour, the Tajima knapsack sprayer can also spread fertilizer at a rate of 2.7 ha/hour. It has an average width application of about four meters, and spraying range of about 12 meters.

    The Tajima Sower Knapsack Spray can be used for rice cultivation under the direct seeding method.

    According to government studies, there are areas in the Philippines where there is a shortage of farm workers, which will make it necessary for farmers and agribusiness companies to invest in mechanization. Among the reasons cited for the shortage of farm workers in some areas of the country are the migration of rural youth to urban centers, the increasing age of farmers, and drudgery of working in the field.

    “Ironically, it is the lack of farm machines that cause drudgery in farm work,” said the ACETC representative.


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