• Take action and dominate the Year of the Dog—Yap


    ONE of the foremost Chinese metaphysics experts in the world believes that “the real thing that will change our life are our actions and decisions in life.”

    Feng shui expert Joey Yap in his recent Resorts World Manila seminar explained that the three important elements in the Year of the Dog are fire, wood and metal, “people with these three important elements will have a good year, provided of course, they take action.”

    Unlike typical fortune-telling events that are popular around the Lunar New Year, Dato’ Joey Yap encourages his FengShui and Astrology Seminar attendees to truly learn and understand how Chinese metaphysics can help improve their lives.

    Yap also added, “It is no use jumping for joy and thinking you will be rich just because you have good wealth elements this year. The effect will still be zero if you didn’t put in any effort or never invested in the first place.

    Don’t think you will get your 10 times return. 10 times zero is still zero.”

    “If you want to do something, do it with passion. That is the secret to success. Do it wholeheartedly. If you are going to do it ‘part time’ then you might as well not do it. You won’t be successful,” said Yap who explained that feng shui is really about tapping into an invisible force known as qi. It is the study of qi that comes from the natural environment and how to benefit from it.

    “The Year of the Earth Dog is a great year to form partnerships,” said Yap.

    A native of Malaysia and the founder of the Feng Shui Mastery Academy in Malaysia, Yap added, “We can’t achieve exponential growth if we do everything ourselves.”

    “It’s better to put up a business with a good partner this year and it’s a good year to acquire assets—real estate properties,” he said.

    “Globally there will be aggressions. Political conflicts will continue but the wealth element remains strong. The ‘Day Master’ for the year is ‘Yin Fire.’ Couple this with the ‘metal’ element which is hidden this year, this sort of wealth is strong and explosive,” said Yap.

    “Explosiveness creates volatility, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it signifies trading opportunities both on the upside and downside,” Yap explained.

    He added, “Now, a big part of the Dog year will be influenced by its Day Master, which is in the Yin Fire.”

    “An imagery of the Yin Fire will be a candle or a burning log, which is very real. Yang Fire is meanwhile the sun, which outwardly appears stronger than Yin Fire. But Yin Fire when extinguished, can be re-ignited. Thus the Earth Dog year is great for restarting things from scratch, or solving any problems fast,” Yap explained.

    Yap also said that “the Yin fire shows that new territories will be opened, and new channels will be created. Thus globally, expect to see further developments and innovations.”

    Philippine economy

    Yap is optimistic about the Philippine economy. “Real estate in the Philippines is continuously improving and if you want to catch the wave, you should start by looking for assets. Don’t wait for it to reach the peak, because you’ll lose the opportunity by then.” He also advised the Filipinos to keep the money rolling and “don’t save too much money, you need to use resources to generate more resources.”

    But he also clarified not to waste resources either. “Spend in improving yourself, either academically or your living environment so that you can take the opportunities that come your way,” he said.


    According to Yap, natural disasters in the Philippines this year come from two elements: fire and earth and these might be volcanic eruptions. “ And with these comes earthquakes,” said Yap.

    About 500 businessmen, feng shui followers, and practitioners of metaphysics attended the seminar at Marriott Hotel in Pasay City.

    “When the fire element is too strong, it also causes ice to melt, which could result in typhoons and floods.”

    On health and epidemics

    “Be careful of bird flu,” Yap pointed out. “The earth element contaminates water so a lot of fowl will have diseases. Another health condition to watch out are joints and cardiovascular diseases.”

    Year of meditation and spirituality

    Yap also said that the Earth Dog will bring about a return to the roots. “It will be a time for meditation and contemplation which is good because that means there will be peace and harmony in every household.”

    Attended by about 500 businessmen, feng shui followers, and practitioners of metaphysics, which tackles the philosophical question “why something is,” the event was the sixth annual live seminar that Yap had conducted in Manila since 2013. He has also since continued doing a series of related forums in Manila, as well as in other parts of Southeast Asia and the world. On March 17 and 18, he will hold a seminar on how to master one’s environment through feng shui dubbed “Heaven & Earth.”


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