• Take a cue from bento boxes


    A colorful way to make children’s meals more appetizing
    When it comes to food, the Japanese arguably know it best: food can be an exciting adventure with bento-style meals and a rich serving of tastes.

    Every meal can transport diners to any destination of their choice. Using only rice molds and a few touches of seaweed, anyone can get to enjoy plates that will satisfy the tummy, as well as the eyes, something that the young ones can benefit. Meals to-go then become a surprise in itself for kids, and even kids alike.

    Food can be an exciting adventure with bento-style meals

    With classes now in full swing, Japanese stores, such as Daiso Japan, noticeably stock up on all things bento to cater to the back to school season.

    Moms can take rounds in isles of colorful and varied patterns of lunch mats to get inspiration for their own bento styles.

    Once decided, moms can proceed to the food containers section, which carries storage boxes of all sizes. There, they can easily match their children’s personality and appetite with the items available on deck.

    Additionally, moms who want to go full-on Japanese for their kids’ lunches can look for containers that fit their child’s typical multicourse diet. They can pack in molded rice and their choice of meat alongside soups, pieces of nori, and tsukemono (pickled vegetable) in Daiso Japan’s food packs.

    Finally, the selection also works for kawaii-enthusiasts looking for lunch sets, complete with cutleries and chopsticks.


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