• My take on Mayweather-McGregor

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Okay, so the boxing bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Connor McGregor will push through after all.

    Okay, so boxing and MMA fans who will watch the fight are willing to take the risk of witnessing what could probably be a gloried sparring match.

    Okay, so at the end of the fight, Mayweather will most likely laugh his way to the bank and McGregor contemplating how to spend his $50-million payday.

    Okay, so we are ready to call Mayweather invectives like “chicken” if he refuses to mix it up with McGregor (what else can you expect?).

    Okay, so we are all ready to be taken for a ride by Mayweather. Again.

    Honestly, I never thought the Mayweather-McGregor fight would even materialize, but now that it has been officially announced I might as well give my two cents worth on the fight.

    Since this is a boxing bout, Mayweather definitely has the edge and we should no longer wonder why McGregor was willing to wear boxing gloves instead of those used in MMA; while it may look like McGregor successfully lured the American from retirement, the fact that this would be a boxing bout means the Irish fighter still played into the hands of Mayweather.

    McGregor will also never get the chance to earn $50 million in the regular mixed martial arts (MMA) circuit. Win or lose, the Irish fighter can even use his $50-million paycheck to bargain for bigger paydays at the Ultimate Fighting Championship or any other MMA circuit.

    So who will probably win this bout? This early, I see Mayweather taking a unanimous decision.

    While McGregor is an accomplished MMA fighter, his boxing skills need a lot of polishing so he can put up a good fight against Mayweather. Although the Irish fighter has the definite edge in power, we have seen how Mayweather can handle prolific punchers; just take the case of how he defeated via decision a then-undefeated Canelo Alvarez in September 2013.

    The Mayweather-Alvarez fight got $150 million in pay-per-view revenues. So that meant many watched the fight hoping that Alvarez’s power would be too much for Mayweather, but the American took the Mexican fighter to school, scoring a majority decision.

    While reading much of the fight analysis on who would win Mayweather-McGregor, I actually find it very sad that the Irish fighter is given a slim chance to win. This makes me think that this fight should have never been made in the first place.

    Many of the fight analysts are even aware that Mayweather is 40 years old and McGregor 27 years old, and the Irish fighter has a two-inch reach advantage. The American also has not fought in two years.

    It even boggles my mind that Mayweather refuses to get into the ring anew against Manny Pacquiao instead of McGregor, because he can surely make more money if fought the Filipino in a rematch. Or is the McGregor fight more of a “tune up” for another fight against Pacquiao?

    I wrote in my column last March (‘Boycott Mayweather’) that fight fans who will feel cheated after watching Mayweather-McGregor should blame themselves if they end up disappointed.

    Anyway, watch the fight if you wish. But don’t tell me I never warned you, twice actually!


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