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Staycations have become popular in recent years, with more and more people opting to stay in hotels and serviced residences instead of driving off somewhere for a weekend retreat.

It makes sense: staycations are easy because it affords people the comfort of a vacation without having to give up access to a rich selection of business, retail, and entertainment facilities.

Serviced residences newcomer The Cirque wants to change the game. Developed by premier property developer Ortigas& Company in partnership with leading serviced residences operator Hospitality Innovators, Inc. (HII), The Cirque at Circulo Verde aims to combine both staycation and adventure for a new, elevated experience.

“We’re offering something quite unique. The Cirque is integrated to the whole Circulo Verde estate thus injecting it with possibilities beyond the usual staycation experience,” says Ortigas& Company Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Thomas F. Mirasol.

ROOM TO BREATH Spacious living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms make it easy to unwind and let down one’s hair at The Cirque

Designed with functional simplicity
The Cirque’s 55 units are spread across the Ibiza and Seville towers of Ortigas& Company’s Circulo Verde. Each unit is tailor-made for brief staycations and extended stays for families, barkadas, corporate business travelers, and leisure travelers. Pets are also welcome to enjoy the property’s pet-friendly facilities.

The one-bedroom flat, one-bedroom loft, and two-bedroom units were designed with the objective of making guests feel comfortable and inspired. K. Benitez Designs designed The Cirque’s modern spaces, while Kibu Design Concepts curated each unit’s furnishing. The use of beautiful and distinct materials such as Ecocarat Japanese breathing tiles that absorb humidity and odor, and Daiken’s textile walls that absorb sound, were at the forefront of the design process to enhance the well being of guests.

“Guided by the ethos of functional simplicity, each unit is thoughtfully filled with stylish pieces with purpose. Aside from the stylish units, guests will also appreciate the breadth of amenities that The Cirque has to offer with an array of dining, fitness, and lifestyle options. Also, families and leisure travelers have the chance to make their beloved pets a part of the experience. The Cirque is truly tailor-made for great staycations,” shares HII Founder and Chief Executive Officer Luis C. Monserrat.

Wellness and lifestyle features
Given its location inside a private, self-contained environment of green and open spaces, The Cirque offers a distinct experience to guests. Easily, it is a respite for weary work warriors and a haven for those looking for some peace and calm without being far away from the conveniences of the city.

Inside the estate are sports, dining, and entertainment establishments that add to the breadth of The Cirque.

The Bike Playground is a hotspot for bike enthusiasts, young or old, amateur or professional. It is the first signature pump park in the country designed by mountain biking hotshot Claudio Caluori. There are three tracks to suit every biker’s fancy: an indoor asphalt pump track, an outdoor dirt track, and a track dedicated to kids.

Circulo Verde also has a one-kilometer running track for The Cirque guests who want to go for a quick run any time, any day. It’s also ideal for pet owners who’d like to walk their pets for daily exercise.

Those looking to develop their parkour skills can also take classes in Ninja Academy. Located in Industria, the estate’s commercial complex, Ninja Academy is the Philippines’ first parkour and free running facility, with programs for both adults and kids.

Industria also has a slew of dining and entertainment establishments such as KambalPandesal Concept Café, Chef & Brewer, McDonald’s, and Chilltop Bar. Service joints such as the laundromatWashery and The Dog Spa and Hotel also provide more conveniences for The Cirque’s guests.

Well-rounded stays
Where most urban destinations mean one has to choose between rest and relaxation versus vibrant and dynamic recreational options, or forego quiet leisure to enjoy exciting adventures, The Cirque makes sure guests have access to both.

“Our goal is to foster healthy living that joins both tranquility highlighted by the residence and its open spaces, and the enjoyment provided by Circulo Verde’s amenities and establishments. Staying at The Cirque allows guests to have both a staycation and an adventure that make for truly well-rounded stays,” ends Mirasol.


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