• Taking steps to reduce very high triglycerides

    Walking more, eating right and medication when necessary can help the four million Americans whose triglycerides are too high.

    Walking more, eating right and medication when necessary can help the four million Americans whose triglycerides are too high.

    IF we can take walking meetings as an alternative to sitting in a stuffy conference room, what if we could take a walk with our doctor—getting the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise which research has shown can help maintain body weight, lower the risk of obesity, enhance mental well-being and reduce the risk of certain diseases, all while learning about our condition?

    This is the idea behind Walk with a Doc, a free participation, year-round walking program held in communities across the United States. The organization is dedicated to encouraging physical activity with the goal of reversing the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and improving health and well-being.

    Physical activity is even more important for people with high levels of fat in their blood, such as very high triglycerides (VHTGs) (> 500 mg/dL), a problem faced by up to four million Americans. VHTGs can be caused by poor diet and inactivity but they can also be inherited. If triglyceride levels are too high, improvements to diet and exercise, as well as proper treatment, can be important to getting levels under control.

    With that in mind, biopharmaceutical company Amarin launched the Lower My Trigs campaign, a national initiative aimed at raising awareness around very high triglycerides, and the Walk with a Doc partnership will serve as a complement to that program.

    Dr. David Sabgir, cardiologist and founder of Walk with a Doc, stated, “Exercise is an important first step in lowering very high triglycerides. We feel the work Amarin has been doing with the Lower My Trigs program serves as an important educational component to our program. Through partnerships such as this, Amarin can help improve the overall health of local communities.”

    “We are delighted to work with the Walk with a Doc organization,” said John Thero, President and CEO of Amarin. “Improving patient health is a cornerstone of our mission. It is our hope to increase awareness of risks of very high triglycerides and the importance of appropriate treatment, beginning with leading a healthy lifestyle.”

    With more than 150 walk chapters across the country, WWAD hosts more than 2,400 walking events each year.

    To find upcoming walks nearby, visit www.walkwithadoc.org. You can learn more about the Lower My Trigs campaign at www.lowermytrigs.com.North American Precis Syndicate


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