Tales from an ‘incurable critic’


    Malacañang lauded Friday a Canadian firm for making the Philippines its first choice as dumping ground of toxic and hazardous waste materials.

    “This is a signal honor for the Philippines under the tuwid na daan of President BS Aquino The Last. Among all the countries in the world, the Canadian firm picked the Philippines as the appropriate dumpsite of its garbage,” Malacañang said in a statement.

    The Palace said this indicates the confidence of foreign governments in the Aquino administration to accept treasured garbage and expressed the hope that more firms from other countries would follow suit.

    “Aside from the honor of being the first choice as dumping ground of toxic waste, the Philippines will also be earning foreign currency. May pera sa basura,” Malacañang said, while noting that the toxic waste materials could be recycled.

    Meanwhile, environmentalist groups expressed alarm over reports that the Aquino administration had already approved the disposal in the country of toxic waste from Canada.

    Lawyer Richard Gutierrez, executive director of BAN Toxics, said trade on toxic waste is an international crime.

    “It is no different from dealing in illegal drugs, endangered species, and other forms of trade that the international community has deemed noxious. Why our government is even contemplating on accepting these illegal wastes is exasperating,” he said.

    BAN Toxics was joined by EcoWaste Coalition, the Ang Nars party-list, Greenpeace, Mother Earth Foundation, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Green Convergence, and the Ateneo School of Government.

    Malacañang lashed at the environmentalist groups for being “panicky,” likening them to the critics of the administration whom the President had described as “incurable.” It said that like the critics, the environmentalists are “seeing ghosts where there is none.”

    “To prove that there is nothing dreadful about the waste disposal, President BS Aquino The Last is even volunteering to have his residence in Times st., Quezon City as dumpsite,” the statement added.

    When told that the Aquino property in Quezon City might not be big enough to hold the 50 container vans of toxic waste, the Malacañang spokesman said that the President would gladly have the rest of the toxic waste materials dumped at the family-owned Hacienda Luisita.

    Contacted for comment by The Manila Times, the environmentalist groups said they are withdrawing their opposition as long as the toxic waste is dumped at Times street and Hacienda Luisita.

    “We would even endorse its immediate implementation if the room of President Aquino in Malacanang is turned into a landfill site,” the groups said.

    PNoy’s remedy to ease tension backed
    President BS Aquino The Last revealed Friday the secret to his keeping cool despite the incessant denigration by what he called “incurable critics.”

    “I smoke to calm my nerves. Smoking also enables me to relax after grueling work at the Palace,” he added.

    His spokesman spoke glowingly of the President’s work ethic where he works from 10a.m. to 5p.m. every day except holidays.

    “He even works on weekends sometimes!With such a busy schedule, worsened by critical articles, the President feels worn out at the end of the day,” the spokesman said.

    He urged other busy-bodies to follow the example set by the President and smoke cigarettes as often as possible, even in public places.

    “We know, the government is discouraging smoking and that smoking in public places is banned. However, the public should be more understanding of the unique situation of the President. Smoking is the only antidote to the frazzled body and nerves that he suffers from while in office,” the spokesman stressed.

    The President’s “incurable critics” all agreed to lay off the President’s smoking habits and on his frequent coughing fits. They said that their approval of the President’s addiction to smoke should prove to everybody that they are not really incorrigible critics, that there are issues where they agree with him like his “cigarette therapy.”

    “We would even recommend that the President smoke more. But if smoking won’t ease the tension in office, then we urge him to resign because we love him and we care for his health,” the critics said in a joint statement. -30-

    Times’ 116th anniversary
    Now, this is no longer a tale. I congratulate my beloved paper, The Manila Times, for celebrating its 116h anniversary today. I feel honored to have been in the employ of the oldest and one of the most trusted papers in the country.

    It’s a bonus that I’m in the company of distinguished, hard-hitting columnists like Kit Tatad, Rigoberto Tiglao, Yen Makabenta, Ricardo Saludo, Marlen Ronquillo, Rick Ramos and Erwin Tulfo among others. Oh yes, there’s also Juan T. Gatbonton and Rene Bas with their thought-provoking commentaries. Boss Rene and JohnnyGat should be writing more columns if only their schedule allows it.



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    1. Our government welcome with open arms these toxic/hazardous wastes fro Canada. They allow the entry of Nuclear Submarines and ships from the US but are afraid to operate our own Nuclear Power Plant in Bataan,, cant’t really see the logic there. Ummm maybe it can affect the bottom line of some business cronies who are in power generations… thats why BAWAL!!!

    2. Even if it is not toxic, it is still not proper to dump it here. Why do you think Canada wants to dump it here? Simply because it is toxic, they want it to be very far from them to avoid any diseased or any harmful radiation effects to their citizen. It’s a small price to them, getting rid of of their toxic waste and a very large amount to us Filipinos because we are a third world country and we have a retarded BS Aquino D Turd. Like it or not.

    3. And he cannot include Hacienda Luisita , that doesn’t belong to him anymore, its owner now (legal beneficiaries) are the poor farmers of Hacienda Luisita.

      • That is still questionable, maybe only in words or paper, but the truth as to who owns luisita is in the air.

    4. “This is a signal honor for the Philippines under the tuwid na daan of President BS Aquino The Last. Among all the countries in the world, the Canadian firm picked the Philippines as the appropriate dumpsite of its garbage,” Malacañang said in a statement

      IDIOTIC, to say the least!

    5. This is but one another very bias tale, at the very least. We have been having our poor brothers in this Country since time immemorial. Then, it’s been common knowledge chinese people were still very much engage in collecting most of the community garbage to the delight of course of many children providing for them some money for “delimon” candies and other food to feed their hungry stomach. Have we made good since then? Macapagal, Marcos, came and went until the latter had been ousted for having tried the drastic move of putting the Country under Martial rule because we’re just too many a lot of undisciplined jackass, he had said to have premised his move.

      Have we made some progress after Marcos and were we able to get rid of our ways of throwing our garbage casting it away just like that. And about those garbage for which many of our brothers resorted to collecting them to earn a living. Well, the change I have known was the fact that no more chinese people were involved in collecting garbage but there are still a few of them who now buy those garbage and resell them by tons for recycling. And just to remind you the number of our own people who have been resorting to garbage collection have dramatically increased not only because of the volume of these thrash which relatively increased also but because of the money they get out of collecting them have become considerably big. They are enabled to feed not only their own stomach but that of their family members too. Now, taking a cue from this very situations many of our people not only in Metro Manila but from almost all corners of the Country are in, and practically recognizing a fact that the government isn’t ready yet to just pull them off from such unfavourable circumstance, would you not try instead to help alleviate their plight in more practical ways you know how?

      The fact is that we don’t even know yet whether this waste you have already described as toxic is toxic waste indeed. Why don’t we ask

      • our President whether this waste coming from Canada is not the same waste you and those from posh communities and other well to do families used to discard but are still very good enough our many poor fellows would very well make money out of it. That is why we hardly easily attain unity precisely because we tend to attack first before we engage to talk like civil individuals do. Have you gotten evidence clear enough that this waste from Canada is toxic? Did you ask yourself other civil questions before resorting to write this article of yours?

      • Mr or Mrs toothhead, it specifically says “toxic and hazardous waste”.. Let us say it is not toxic, but hazardous. do you have any idea what a hazardous waste is? When I was working at a lab, we were paid extra hazard pay every month because we handled toxic chemicals.These chemicals could be as simple as gasoline and ether or acetone. Didn’t you think that the reason why Canada didn’t dump this waste in their own backyard was because it is hazardous to their community? They must be very happy that our country consented to it with open arms as long as there is money involved. This happens everywhere in the phlippines, not just other countries dumping in our country. Within the country, manufacturing plants dump their toxic and hazardous waste in rivers that eventually flow to the seas during floods and kill marine life. Hazardous could mean any chemical/compound that are considered waste but could still be toxic to the soil, water, and air, making the surroundings not conducive to healthy life. People eat meat or fish that has ingested toxic chemicals, or drink water contaminated with toxins and then after years of this, the symptoms appear. Because they don have money to see a doctor, they just continue doing their daily routing until. they die. And most of the time? They dump their wastes in places where the poor people live because they don’t understand at all what is a chemical waste, what is a radioactive waste. Oil waste is another example. Even the oil you take out from your car is toxic , but in our country people change oils anywhere and just dump the used oil wherever! Every person on earth must know the facts so that we can safeguard not only our own safety but the safety of neighbors and the whole earth! We should all learn to be conscious of what is going around us instead of being contradictory to the scientific facts because of politics.

    6. Wow so the president works everyday from 10 until 5. He should get a pay rise. Is this man a workaholic. Why are they praising him for that. I know poor filipinos who work much longer hours than that in a harder job with terrible conditions, so please dont give me that crap about the president is such a hard worker.
      As with the toxic waste im unsure about that so i wont comment on it.

    7. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      “May pera sa basura”; sounds loaded, really! But, how much? how much will go to the naional treasury? Is it worth all the risks and (toxic wastes, etc.) and its implication? For one thing, that’s probably how the Canadians, etc., see the country and with such an impression, a “dampsite”.

      If only the corruption in the country, particularly in the immediate past, perhaps we don’t even need other countries financial help, muchless the “basura”, considering the billions of pesos pocketed by many government officials, local and national.

      Obviously, this will be used for landfill. Call it in any language, “basura” is always a “basura”. Then, equate it with Philippines; what do we have? “Landphil”; it stinks.

      What happened to the “Perlas ng silanganan”? Perhaps, we are really going to the damps because of this administration!

    8. let’s make it even better. since he suggested that the toxic wastes can be dumped at his place at times street and if there is not enough room at the hacienda luisita, just to prove a point, then let’s all include his siblings’ place as a dumping ground. let’s see how his family would feel about that. there is too much nicotine in pnoy’s brain. and since there isn’t enough room in his lungs, he allowed such drug to be dumped or migrate in his brain. no wonder he thinks the way he thinks and talks the way he talks. at the end of a busy day, he gets his “high”. smoking. and we all ought to follow his example according to the palace. funny!!! then my question is: can we all be corrupt then and get away with it? just like pnoy?

    9. brainless noynoy! if really there is money from garbage like what he is saying, why then is the canadian government disposing their garbage to other countries? if canada being a first world country and with advance technology it has to handle garbage does not want anything to do with the garbage, what makes noynoy think that philippines can handle the garbage effectively and earn from it as he says? delusional!