• Tam-Awan opens ‘Pitik’


    Baguio City: Tam-Awan arts village in Baguio City opens Pitik, a collection of 14 new works featuring house artists Randy Nimer and Resty Lopez.

    Pitik is a colloquial term for “click” as style adopted by both Nimer and Lopez in their latest exhibit featuring a mix of photography and painting.

    The show opened on June 15 and runs until July 5 at the Tam-Awan Village Gallery, filling the walls with a fresh pallet of color, scenery and culture.

    Nimer is a prolific photographer who turns his photographs into pieces of art; his subjects vary from landscapes and portraits depicting everyday scenery to curious portraits of ordinary people.

    Originally from Pozorrubio, Panggasinan where he has a studio and clinic, Nimer’s art as flourished in the city making him a part of the roster of talent, Tam-Awan Village harnesses.

    Classic scenes come from his lenses transported into a canvass of beauty, art and culture.

    Lopez has no formal training in Aart but continued to teach himself, experimenting with various mediums and utilizing available material.

    Both Tam-awan artists have embraced the culture of the highlands and depicted it in their work, the two-man exhibit will feature their talent and passion.


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