Tam-awan reveals ‘Last of the Fairies’


ilusyon--2Baguio City: Tam-awan Village artist Tara Lalaine Natividad reveals the last of fairies in her first solo exhibit.

According to Natividad, the theme for her first solo exhibition comes from stories she has encountered in her travels to the highlands.

She shares, “Through old folks stories passed from one generation to another while visiting places in the Cordilleras.”

The artist also notes that the fairies in her pieces are not literally magical fairies with wings. “They exist and survive as they are remembered in the Cordilleran culture through verbal accounts of our great ancestors,” she relates.

burak-3Natividad depicted in 14 select pieces of the fairies of the mountains in mixed media and her trademark, suede on oil with dreamlike colors and lines enticing everyone to explore the culture of the highlands and the stories they tell.

Natividad said “I am privileged to hear folktales from the Local eIders wherever I go, which inspired me to go deeper about Cordilleran culture.I feel that it is my obligation as a listener to share the stories I heard not only for the next generation but also to Inform people  about the importance of these verbal accounts of culture and history.”

Travels to areas in Abra, Sadanga, Kalinga, Bontoc, Sagada Sabangan and Ifugao have given Natividad a new perspective of how the highland way of life is led and lived, giving her a deeper appreciation of what the highland culture is about.
Natividad’s solo exhibit runs until September 6.


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