Taming of the shrewd



THIS year, big corporations took off their bullet-proof vests and paid their tax dues as mandated by law. Mighty Corp. paid P40 billion to settle tax deficiencies, Government takes over Mile Long complex and PAL pays P6-billion debt to the treasury. They are no match for the lion tamer residing at the Pasig riverbank. Now eyeing back taxes of a famous hacienda, it seems that shrewdness does not appeal to the taste buds of a durian-eating Davaoeño.

The Mayor has in the past fired appointees over just a hint of corruption. He earlier sacked former Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno for pushing for the allegedly anomalous fire truck contract that government eventually allowed to push through. He also axed Undersecretary Maia Chiara Halmen Valdez over rice importation issues early this year.

He also dismissed Bureau of Immigration deputy commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles after they were tagged in a multimillion-peso bribe scandal involving a Chinese casino operator.

And recently, Duterte said he asked Information and Communications Technology Secretary Rodolfo Salalima to resign, saying he had received complaints that the former official had showed alleged partiality to one company.

To further prove his intention to weed out the greedy officials in his family, the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission was created. Shrewdness, greed and cheats are red letter words in his dictionary, public or private.

* * *

LTO revokes license of actress in Asean lane breach. No truth to the rumor that Maria Isabel Lopez will be issued ‘unprofessional driver’s license.’ One driver is now sure of employment.

Government forces alerted to intensified NPA attacks. Did they really tone down?

* * *

Sereno’s SALN missing from UP records. The late Chief Justice Rene Corona was impeached for SALN mis-declaration. I just don’t know if “missing-declaration” is an impeachable offense. I must be missing something here.

On CJ Sereno’s impeachment: I am quite lost watching the proceedings at HOR. I often hear “personal knowledge” being asked. Do we need “personal knowledge” for authenticated public documents?

* * *

News: Abad, Singson placed on BI’s lookout bulletin. Former budget secretary Florencio Abad, former public works and highways secretary Rogelio Singson, and 41 others have been placed on the immigration lookout bulletin order (ILBO) for their alleged involvement in the P8.7-billion road right-of-way scam.

– It seems that their “ways are not right” after all.

I know saying bad words is not nice so I try to control myself from cursing EDSA traffic by counting one to 10, but I never finish the count. Sorry.

* * *

Duterte slams De Lima for ‘bragging’ about rosary from Pope. Don’t fret Mr. President. Praying for her quick release requires lots of rosaries. She was originally asking for papal prayers. The Pontiff probably wants her to pray by herself.

I’m quite sure that when God wanted to put a smile in faces of people while eating, ice cream and chocolates were created.

Don’t you miss receiving those old-fashioned Christmas cards? A lot better than SMS, e-cards and emojis, you know that the sender spent time walking into a bookstore, took time to choose a card for you, spent quite a bit of time writing the best message beautifully handwritten, bought a special delivery stamp and mailed it to you. Just a groan from an old sentimental fool.

* * *

I make the major decisions in my household. My wife only decides the minor ones. On what school the children should enroll, what bank should we keep our money and where to invest, what food to eat, where to travel, household budget, what time should everybody be home and choose which events to attend.

I make the major decisions. Airing my views on issues like global warming, world peace, the UN’s role in global politics, predict which candidates may win in beauty contests, and if Russia is justified in annexing Crimea.

* * *

These are the ways to describe Sen. Dick Gordon’s work ethic: “Dick works Hard. Dick is always Up. Dick stays Longer. Dick Points where to go. Dick Injects hope.”

* * *

For Mac users, try the new Firefox Quantum browser. Been using it before until I switched to Chrome. Surprised to see the new simpler GUI, faster than Chrome (can’t believe it!) but not as memory hogging. It’s now my default browser. Real fast. You should try it.

* * *

It was appalling to meet a former media colleague several nights ago who taught that seeing old friends at a party is a chance to blurt out his political leanings. Some can’t really handle their newfound fame thinking that they will always be cute in whatever they say and do. I used to like this person and idolize his recent career venture. I can feel his hatred radiating all over his body. What a way to reach such stage when we are supposed to possess the expected maturity and disposition. Oh, well.

* * *

A study on memories: It seems that bad outweighs the good. It turns out that negative memories are more likely to be remembered over positive ones in the brain because negative events pose a chance of “danger”. This makes the body more alert to negative thoughts because they are treated as a lesson to the person to help them prevent harm. Therefore, we become extremely focused on the negative thoughts and it becomes much more difficult to recall the positive thoughts and memories.

* * *

No media is truly free for as long as it is owned and operated by big business or government. Journalists will always be called to toe the line on what must be told and how to say it. As if this is not bad enough, most would do the “licking” without being told just to get promoted or to stay in “good graces.”

* * *

Black Friday sale went well in the US after Thanksgiving Day. Trump did nothing to interfere by renaming it “White Friday.”

“There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.”
– Nicholas Sparks.

Good work, good deeds and good faith.


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