Task force to address Mindanao power issues


The Department of Energy (DOE) will lead a task force that will address transmission concerns and right-of-way (ROW) issues in Mindanao.

In a statement, the department said the task force would be composed of the National Transmission Corp. (TransCo), which will focus on the ROW issues; the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for security matters; the Department of Justice (DOJ) for the legal aspect; and NGCP for community relations.

The DOE will be in charge of the information, education and communication (IEC) campaign.

The task force was created by President Benigno Aquino III early this week. It will report weekly to the President.

TransCo will be tapped to provide an inventory of lands, to include vegetation and structures, valuation, capability to implement expropriations, execute restoration activities and priority areas.

The PNP and AFP will assist communities to secure transmission facilities.

The DOJ will also explore and use all legal remedies to ensure that actions of the task force are lawful.

The DOE further said the task force aimed to strengthen community relations through
corporate social responsibility activities and IEC campaigns.

Energy Secretary Zenaida Monsada stressed during the Mindanao Power Monitoring Committee (MPMC) meeting Thursday that cooperation was required between the public and the power industry.

“We have to work all together, both the Mindanaoans and industry participants, as there can be no development without power or stable power fuels development,” she said.



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