• Tata unveils ‘Big 7’ diesel offerings


    Riding on the advancements in clean diesel technology Pilipinas Taj Autogroup, the official distributor of Tata vehicles in the country, recently introduced seven all-new vehicle models to the Philippine market which are all powered by their reliable, fuel efficient and environment-friendly diesel engines.

    Dubbed as the ‘Tata Motors Big 7 Launch,’ the top Indian automotive brand unveiled their new offerings at the Mega Tent Events Venue in Libis, Quezon City. The seven Tata vehicles introduced included four passenger cars and three utility vehicles.

    Taking center stage were the Tata Indigo sedan and the Tata Indica hatchback—both of which are targeted for fleet service customers while the two other passenger vehicles were the Manza Aura sedan and the Vista Ignis.

    The three utility vehicles presented included the new and improved Tata Xenon XT Diesel pickup in 4×4 and 4×2 variants; the Tata Super Ace “Big Boy,” a go-to vehicle for carrying heavy loads; and the more nimble and zippy Tata Ace “Bata.”

    The Indigo’s chrome accentuated smiling grille and teardrop headlamps gives it that respectable look while the spacious interior will truly provide the passengers with utmost comfort. The Indigo is poised to becoming Tata’s most popular model in the country thanks to its cost and excellent fuel efficiency. Powering the Indigo is a 1.4-liter turbo diesel engine that has been tested to travel the city streets at an impressive 16-kilometers per liter of diesel fuel. The Tata Indica, the hatchback version of the Indigo, offers the same amenities but exudes a much sportier look.

    The Manza Aura and Vista Ignis on the other hand offers similar style and dimensions as the petrol-run Manza and Vista with a cost-efficient and high-performing diesel touch. Both the Aura and Ignis have the same looks and interiors as well as,brake and suspension systems,  but comes with better fuel mileage.

    The Tata Super Ace and Tata Ace mini trucks meanwhile are workhorses with multi-purpose bodies that can easily be customized for delivery or transport of various business needs.

    The Tata Ace ‘Bata’ cab and chassis micro truck model has the best fuel efficiency in its category.  Don’t let its size fool you.  Even with its small-scale looks, its powerful engine can haul a big load of up to 750 kilograms.  The Ace “Bata,” which is best fitted with a jeepney-style body, can confidently brave both city and rural roads thanks to its bigger tires, high ground clearance and independent suspension system. Various body configurations can be used on the Ace as well. It comes with a two-year or 36,000 kilometer warranty making it a very versatile investment.

    The Tata Super Ace ‘Big Boy,’ on the other hand has more power to go places with a load capacity of one ton. Its strong chassis coupled with an independent suspension system that runs on a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine makes this ‘Big Boy’ ultra-versatile in fulfilling a wide range of functions from passenger carriage to delivery uses. Perfect for longer trips, the Tata Super Ace “Big Boy” can also be fitted with various rear body configurations to suit various business needs.

    As for the Tata Xenon XT pickup truck, this workhorse now comes with enhanced looks and capabilities. The 4×4 and 4×2 variants now have a sleeker console, adjustable seating, streamlined facilities, a stronger and tougher load body and a stronger engine that packs 150 PS of power—with an impressive 223Nm of low end torque for hauling heavy loads.

    With the introduction of the Tata diesel fleet, Pilipinas Taj Autogroup is offering special introductory prices of the following world-tested eco-diesel powered vehicles: The Tata Indica diesel hatchback is offered at PhP 545,000; the Tata Indigo diesel sedan at PhP 525,000; the Tata Vista Ignis diesel hatchback at PhP 678,000; the Tata Manza Aura diesel sedan at PhP 738,000; the rugged Tata Xenon XT 4X4 pickup at PhP 1,135,000; the Tata Xenon 4X2 variant at PhP 830,000; the Tata Ace at PhP 360,000; and the Tata Super Ace with van at P540,000.  To ensure stress-free ownership, the Tata passenger vehicles come with a three-year or 100,000 kilometer warranty, while the Ace comes with a two-year or 36,000 kilometer warranty.



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