• Tatad to file new case vs Poe


    FORMER Senator Francisco Tatad will file on Monday another disqualification complaint at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) against Sen. Grace Poe, one of several candidates aspiring for the presidency.

    Poe, who filed her certificate of candidacy (COC) last week, is also facing a disqualification case before the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) filed by Rizalito David.

    According to Tatad, his filing of the petition is pursuant to Comelec rules, which state that disqualification of candidates may be filed after the deadline of the filing of COC.

    The filing of COC ended on Friday, October 16.

    Tatad maintained that Poe is not a natural-born Filipino, thus, she is not qualified to seek the highest post in the country.

    “One seeking the presidency should be constitutionally qualified, and there are no ifs and buts in this. Being not a natural-born Filipino citizen and for failing to meet the minimum residency qualification, respondent [Poe] should be disqualified from running for President, lest the commission will countenance a grievous violation,” he said in his petition that will be filed at the poll body this morning.

    “The presidency, just like other high offices, cannot be held or occupied by one short of qualifications. Dura lex sed lex,” Tatad added.

    The former senator will be assisted by lawyer Manuelito Luna, who is the counsel on record in the quo warranto petition to disqualify Poe pending before the electoral tribunal.

    Tatad noted that his petition is purely constitutional as he maintained that Poe, an independent presidential candidate, is not even legally a Filipino citizen.

    The Constitution clearly states that “no person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age and a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately preceding the election,” he said.

    Poe was adopted by the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. and actress Susan Roces after she was found abandoned inside a church in Iloilo province. Her biological parents remain unknown.

    She migrated to United States and become an American citizen but returned to the country when her father ran for President in 2004.

    She then renounced her US citizenship before she took over the Movie and Television Review and Classifications Board (MTRCB) in 2010.

    Poe’s camp earlier noted that while the citizenship of a senator may be questioned at any time, such rule only applies if that senator changed her citizenship after being proclaimed as a senator, or if she concealed her foreign citizenship when she filed her COC.

    According to the senator’s camp, such is not the case for Poe because she did not change her citizenship after she was proclaimed and she never concealed anything regarding her life and background.

    Poe’s lawyers also pointed out that those who believe that a foundling is not a natural-born Filipino should have filed a petition against Poe within 10 days after she was proclaimed as senator.


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    1. How could we tolerate a person like Grace Lamanzares…aim for a higher position in the forever troubled Philippines ?…she is a liar, mapagsamantala, desperate, weak, social climber, corrupt, enexperience, cheat, hanger on, shallow, pretender etc etc.

      Mapagsamantala – took the position as MTRCB that should go to more qualified person…rather than passing it to someone and humle herself that she don’t deserve it for having a shady past.

      Liar – her education was just some crash course but she keep flaunting as complete…she lied about everything, her personality, her geneology and her past.

      Cheat – she knew damn well her senate ran was fix and she went along knowing she and her family will benefit…she also uses her US passport while pretending to be a Filippino…that’s so low !

      Hanger on – learn the art of sipsip Pnoy and other elites or oligark knowing they are the oposite class of movies class ( movie industries are bakya )

      Shallow – her brain is very common and shallow …just one track mind do not know what is going on in the World…if she become President she will be following the step of the Erap and other shallow mind.

      Pretender – she came to the Philippines after a stent in the US which is like a cycle of a common balik bayan nothing but the norm…flaunting the smart adliv she learned in a low class US sorrounding as Fil-am socials nothing but kayabangan, kadayaan, hypocrite, intelectuals wannabes Filipinos dressing at parties like ostrich and cockaroches…studied at community colleges learning the what you called second language, learn some US history so they can take a test for US citizenship…but it get to the head they think they conquer the Philippines and run for president. Lmao !

    2. >>> Si Grace Militar Poe …..PINANGANAK SA PILIPINAS, say OK na yan .

      >>> Si Grace Militar Poe naging si Grace Poe Lamanzares nawala ang Militar na apelyido ginamit dahil………..siya ay nagpunta, nagtungo, nag-aral, nag-asawa at naging US Naturalized Citizenship, say Ok na yan !!!! at take note…sa USA hindi allowed ang dual citizenship, kaya binasura at binaliwala ang kategorya niya Filipino Citizenship at PINILI ang US Citizenship. Ngayon nahaharap sa Senate Electoral Tribunal at ipinahayag na AYON SA CONSTITUTION NG BANSA, HINDI SIYA NATURAL BORN FILIPINO CITIZEN, BAGKOS SIYA AY NATURALIZED FILIPINO !!!

      >>> Si Grace Poe Llamanzares -US Naturalized Citizen…… pabalik-balik sa Pilipinas. Binigyan ni Abnoy BSC-Aquino3rd ng trabaho sa MTBRC as Chairman, kumandidato, binasura at BINALEWALA ANG US Naturalized Citizenship and muli nagbalik deklara bilang isang Filipino at naging Senador 2013.

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…. nais kumandidato sa 2016 bilang Pangulo !!!!

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…,. nasabi, sinabi at sinasabi niya na ” ANG CONSTITUTION NG PILIPINAS AY DAPAT AT TAMA LAMANG NA IGALANG AT SUNDIN NG SINUMAN !!!! Kaya nararapat lamang na umamin na siya Senate Electoral Tribunal na siya ay nagkamali at tama lang na magbitiw bilang illegal Senator at not qualified as Presidentiable.

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…….naging Filipino, Tinakwil ang pagka-Pilipino upang maging Amerikano tapos tinakwil naman ang pagka-Amerikano upang MULI MAGING PILIPINO at para magkaroon ng pwesto sa gobyerno sa tulong ni abnoy aquino3rd para chairman MTRCB !!!!


      KUNG PANANATILIHIN IKABIT SA PANGALAN ni Ms Grace ang “POE”…… wowwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!! ISA SIYA SA MGA TUNAY NA ” HIPOKRITA” AT “INGRATA”, KATULAD NI abnoy BSC-3RD, F.Abad, L. De-Limaw, ThrillANES, Curruptano at abnoy-infected Mar Roxas.

    3. Poe disqualified will be Binay’s gain..
      That’s why PNOY let her run was to disrupt the voter’s preference of Binay.


    4. Nothing against Sen.POE, as I believe she is a fresh one outside of dynastic family names who reigns in our political arena. But in fairness to everybody she has to comply with the requirements set by our Constitution for those people who wants to be the president of this country. Let’s expect that these case will be brought to the Supreme Court, whatever happens to her DQ case in the SET, or in the COMELEC, the SC will have the final say and let’s hope that it will be soon as possible for the interest of everyone. Again the SC is the final arbiter of this land, if they will allow the good senator to run in 2016 then by all means let her run, but if the decision goes against the other way then I hope the senator and her supporters will abide whatever decisions may arise. The law maybe harsh but still, it is the law…

    5. uh-uh- another lapped dog in the like of trillanes. well I won’t be surprised sa akto ni tatad he is very good in demoliton job. Naperfect ni tatad iyan during marcos time. ganyan na ang trabaho niya sa reheming marcos. Kawawang Pilipinas .

    6. She was a natural born citizen but renounced it when she became an American Citizen.
      When she applied back for her Filipino citizenship, she became a Naturalized Filipino citizen .

    7. @Dandansoy,
      Both of my parents are naturalized US citizens. On the other hand, I was born in America, therefore, a natural born US citizen. Our family however settled back to PHL when I was young where I was raised, went to school from grade school to college. You can probably tell that no matter how “you slice and dice it” I am a Filipino ” by heart, body and mind.” Using your own argument, since I “walk and talk and act like a duck” do I now qualify to run for any political office? Forget about running for President just a Barangay Tanod. Please read and re-read our Constitution; if you find it favorable for my future political aspiration as Philippine President let me know and I’ll hire you as my counsel and polical consultant.

    8. Every time somebody files a disqualification case against Grace Poe, her camp is saying, that is the move to discredit or orchestrated by thier political rivals. Please stop this claim. We, Filipinos are not rejectting Grace Poe candidacy, myself is not with the rival political camp but let Grace settle first his case before filing his cnadidacy. Nag aapura sya, bakit? kung talagang gusto nya makatulong sa Pilipinas, tapusin nya ang kaso nya at kung maayos na, tumakbo siya sa Presidency! bakit kailangan i prove nya sa mga salita o prinsipyo, alam natin filipino sya pero sa batas ayusin nya muna! bata pa sya at kasalukuyang Senator. Bakit nag aapura sya tumakbo? dahil ba nalalaman nya na nangunguna sya sa survey at may Keso Buladas syang nag tutulak sa Presidency! Tandaan mo Grace, tignan mo muna paligid mo kung bakit ka itinutulak sa pag ka President, may ambisyon ang mga tao sa likod mo at hangarin nila at taliwas sa iniisip mo, kunwari advocate sila pero iba ang hangarin, ganyan ang mga tao nasa likod ni Cory at Pinoy bago sila tumakbo, kaya ingat Grace, ayusin mo muna sa SET ang kaso mo, marami pang pagkakataon , bta ka pa, kung talaga para syo ang Pag ka Pangulo, ibibigay syo ng Diyos!

    9. Poor Esko…he was the one who lured Grace into running for president and his office put together the now famous “palpak” birth certificate of Grace.
      Esko is hoping that both of them will win the election and then Grace get disqualified. Now Sen. Esko is running scared as the likelihood of running solo like BBM and Alan is on the horizon..

    10. This should place Grace Llamanzares in proper perspective. She’s been out of this world after several SWS surveys showing that she is a candidate to beat.

    11. Francisco Dionisio on

      Its clearly stated in the constitution that to be a president you must be natural born citizen.In the recent supreme court oral arguments Associate Justice carpio stated that Grace Poe is a naturalized born citizen its up now to the comelec to decide on Grace poe disqualification of course there is always legal impediments with regards to this.

    12. Bravo Sen Tatad. You are doing great service to the Filipino. It is not the will of the people in this case that will prevail but the rule of law.

    13. We all know that poe returned to the country for convenience ..that is just to secure the mtrcb job position… then she illegally run and due to incompetence and “walang pakialam attitude of those administering the election stole a seat at the senate”… enough is enough… she fooled us once and twice is too much already….pls deport this alien ..she doesn’t deserve this position intended for natural born citizen of the Philippines only.

    14. I agree! Our Constitution, however flawed it is, is still our CURRENT law. Let’s abide with it.

    15. Grays paw is really a grave threat to the political ambition of mr. Tatad’s master and lord beenay! If grays is not a presidential candidate she wouldn’t get the flak she’s getting now

    16. Grace Poe is making a mockery of the constitution. If she can lie now to the voters how much more if she becomes president? another crook looking like an angel.

    17. Katigas talaga ang ulo ng “foundling” na iyan. Sabi nang hindi siya qualified, eh nagpupumilit pa. This is just to show how arrogant she is and that she continues to demonstrate her total disregard for the rule of law. How then can she execute the laws of the land if now being a senator (law-maker) becomes a president-law-breaker? This is an egregious insult to the Filipino people. Maybe she ought to try another country if she can do the same. Subukan niya sa Bangladesh, Madagascar, o kaya naman mag-reclaim siyang island for herself. Who knows maybe nobody will petition against her nor file a disqualification on her. K a p a l, k a p a l talaga ng make-up mo, grace! Balik kana sa America para may kalaban na matapang ang apug si Hillary.

    18. This case will be the most formidable case against
      Grace Poe’s candidacy for the Presidency of the Philippines.

      Mabuhay Senator Tatad – go on we are with you.

    19. If I were Grace Poe, I would rather face this case head on and squarely instead of resorting to technicality. Assuming that the case against her has been dismissed due to technicality, the question on her citizenship and residency will still linger because there was no closure.

    20. I support the views of Mr. Tatad . We need to protect what is Constitutionally Right for our Country’s sake.
      No one should be allowed to tamper with our Constitution?
      There are Rules and Laws that should bind us all to preserve Peace in the World!

    21. Good news! Thank you, Mr. Tatad. The primacy of the Philippine Constitution is at stake, and must be pursued vigorously. The more disqualification complaints filed, the better it is for the Filipino people.

      Maybe this time, Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares will submit her so-called DNA test results. Her lawyers made quite a bit of production about these DNA tests, but so far, no results have been produced or submitted to SET. Perhaps the results are not favorable to her?

      • I think so..The DNA result might be totally different to the result they expected. They can try Susan herself. She is a Filipino and anyway.

      • jj, for your info, Mr. Tatad is not a member of LP and he is every inch a nemesis or against LP, then how can you say that LP is out doing their dirty work?

    22. Why is Mr. Tatad very concerned about Grace Poe’s citizenship requirements? However you slice and dice it, she is a Filipina by heart, mind and body. A creature who walks and talks and acts like a duck is a duck. Please let the events unfold by itself and for once, let Voz populi, voz Dei reign. After all, I strongly believe that there is an iota of God’s essence in all his creations, and that Filipinos are not stupid forever.

      • Mar and Jejomar didn’t go to Merika to live and work there.
        They remain natural born Filipinos never renounce their citizenship.

      • Show us proof and documents…. cannot be just because someone say so…. she cannot even produced the results of her DNA tests?… was the results unfavorable to her??? Just asking…

      • I was born in the U.S.A. of both Filipino parents but was raised to adulthood in the Philippines. I am therefore a natural born American citizen but with a Filipino heart, body, and mind and speak the Pilipino language as well. As you can tell, I act, talk, and walk like a duck and therefore, I’m a duck. By your analogy, I am qualified to run for the office of the Philippine presidency, regardless of my impediment as I have stated above. Is it not or is it? Please articulate your position regarding this matter.

    23. Beyond, her personal circumstances, what qualifications does she bring to the position as head of the government? Is she all the Filipinos are worth for a president?

      Congratulations, statesman Sen.Tatad. Right on!.