Tattoo virtuoso designs limited edition bottle


In its tradition of tapping contemporary talents for a fresh take on its 200-year old history, Hennessy has collaborated with American tattoo artist Scott Campbell to work with the latest edition of its Very Special Limited Edition series.
Similarly, the tradition blends two very different but both very old traditions: tattoo artistry and Cognac making.

An artistlike no other

Celebrated as one of the brightest new faces on the art scene, Scott Campbell owns the legendary Saved Tattoo parlor in Brooklyn, New York, where he boasts a client list spanning New York’s art, design and fashion elite. Scott has the distinctive style of a pioneer and innovator—a true trailblazer that has continued to push the boundaries of his craft in mediums other than skin. In fact, the maverick is dubbed as “everyone’s favorite tattoo artist”.

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell

Experimenting is also the main foundation of Scott Campbell’s endeavors with fine art.

Using mediums as different as canvases, wood panels, hundred dollar bills, ostrich egg shells and even police cars, Campbell loves to lift some of the most iconic imagery and narratives of tattooing and use them in different contexts in a playful way: “It’s really satisfying to be able to take some of the superstitions, the magic and the emotions that are wrapped up in tattoo symbolism and to communicate them through other mediums, and watch them take entirely new and unexpected meanings.”

This versatility, along with the unique attention to detail and craftsmanship Scott Campbell dedicates both to his artwork and his tattooing is what prompted the cognac brand to invite the Los Angeles-based artist to create his own Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition design in 2016.

The spirit of artistry finds its new wings

Always keen to infuse his artwork with traditional tattoo symbolism and narratives, Campbell built his label design around a pair of wings, a very iconic and very popular motif in tattoo culture: “Wings mean different things to different people, but I think universally they’re a symbol of freedom, travel and the ability to decide where you want to go. That’s what I wanted to capture in the design.”

In addition, the artist based his work on his own history, and on the unique “ornamental calligraphy” style the artist has developed while inking scripts on people’s skin throughout the years

Finally, Campbell describes his art for the V.S Limited Edition as a “conversation between two people, times and places. It’s two seemingly opposite worlds.”


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