Tax court dismisses charges vs Corona


The Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) on Monday dismissed tax evasion charges filed against the late Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The dismissal came after the defense filed a manifestation regarding his death.

Corona succumbed to cardiac arrest last April 29. He was 67.

In 2011, the tax evasion charges were filed against the former magistrate who was impeached by the Senate in 2012.

These dismissed charges include six counts of violation of Section 254 of the National Internal Revenue Code for alleged attempt to evade or defeat tax in the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010 as well as six counts of violation of Section 255 of the NIRC for alleged failure to file income tax returns.


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  1. Were these charges dismissed because corona died or because he was innocent. I think thats an important point to make. I think he was guilty & was a corrupt man & fully deserved his impeachment. he was the top law man in the country & he didnt realise he had to declare his money in his dollar account in his saln. He thought everyone else is an idiot. I know hes dead but it doesnt change the fact that he had ill gotten wealth, his wife & family shouldnt be able to benefit from that money & they may do now these charges have been dismissed.