• Tax evasion case filed vs property trader


    The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has filed complaints before the City Prosecutor’s Office of Manila against Mark Dionson Batuigas for two counts of attempt to evade or defeat tax; failure to file capital gains tax (CGT) return; failure to pay CGT; failure to file documentary stamp tax (DST) return and failure to pay DST, all in violation of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997 or Tax Code. Investigation showed that Batuigas, of Santa Cruz, Manila, sold to Mark Te Cabrera a parcel of land, together with improvements for P850,000 situated in the area on March 7, 2012. As real property seller, Batuigas is required to file CGT and DST returns and pay the taxes due. No CGT and DST returns, however, were filed and no CGT and DST were paid for the transfer of the property. Consequently, no tax clearance certificate and certificate authorizing registration were issued by the concerned Revenue District Office. As a consequence, Batuigas was assessed an aggregate tax liability o f P161,274.75, inclusive of surcharges and interests.


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