• Tax-free for athletes, artists’ prizes –Atienza


    Buhay Party-list Representative Lito Atienza urged his colleagues in the Lower House to approve his proposed measure granting all Filipino athletes and artists tax incentives on their prizes for bringing honor to the country.

    “All monetary prizes won by our country’s athletes and artists should be 100 percent tax-free, with no amount of tax to be deducted whatsoever. Especially since our government has no cultural program to speak of,” Atienza said.

    Atienza pointed out that the victory of El Gamma Penumbra as first-ever Asia’s Got Talent winner in Singapore, is a classic case in point.

    “These young, very creative and talented young Filipinos should be given 100% tax incentive for winning this prestigious competition. Once again, the Filipino talent and ingenuity have been showcased and given due recognition on the world stage. Giving them 100 tax incentive should serve as an inspiration for more talented Filipinos to strive harder and bring honor and glory to our country,” he added.

    The Asia’s Got Talent competition featured four Filipino acts in the grand finals—El Gamma Penumbra, Gerphil Flores. Gwyneth Dorado and Junior New System.

    Atienza with the whole Independent Minority Bloc had filed House Bill No. 3506 in 2013 seeking to grant tax exemptions for prize and awards granted to Filipino athletes in international competitions. Atienza is set to amend to said bill to include artists and achievers.

    “I call on my colleagues in the Lower House – let us immediately approve House Bill No. 3506, especially now that more and more Filipinos are bringing honor to the country. Giving them tax incentives is one way we can show them our appreciation for all their efforts and how proud we are of their outstanding achievements,” Atienza stressed.


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