Taxi-booking firm expands in PH


A Malaysia-based taxi-booking mobile application has expanded its operations in the country with an introduction of a new service suited for executives.

GrabTaxi Philippines has launched its newest service dubbed GrabCar on the existing mobile application, aimed at changing the commuting style in Southeast Asia.

The company is a for-profit social start-up with a mission to revolutionize the taxi industry.

It started in Malaysia and now has operations in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

GrabTaxi is a runner-up in the 2011 Harvard Business School Business Plan Contest. Its core product is a taxi-dispatch service with GPS-enhancements, allowing passengers to hail the nearest taxi with extreme ease.

According to Anthony Tan, who co-founded GrabTaxi in 2012, tens of thousands of taxi drivers have been using the GrabTaxi mobile application to receive bookings.

“Passengers can book taxis on their smartphones and tablets with ease and enjoy a great user experience,” he added.

With the success of their first venture, Tan said they decided to add the service, GrabCar, which provides an authorized on-demand private driver for anyone without the hassle of owning a private car.

“What has ensured GrabTaxi’s success in the Philippines has been its ability to adapt and evolve to meet our users’ needs,” Tan said.

He added that GrabCar “will give our passengers that upmarket personalized experience while ensuring a fun and authentic ride.”

Natasha Bautista, GrabTaxi’s marketing vice president and assistant general manager, said GrabCar will complement the public taxi industry by providing an affordable alternative supply to meet this demand.

“GrabCar will provide passengers the option to select a private car if they require one and a higher chance to make a successful booking during peak hours,” she said.

Tan said GrabCar not only gives consumers more options, it will also be positive for taxi drivers in the GrabTaxi network.

“This will increase the volume of cars available to passengers and build consumer confidence and loyalty in GrabTaxi,” he added.

He stressed that the introduction of GrabTaxi in the Philippines has helped repair an inefficient system and develop a safer environment for both passengers and drivers.

“As a core component of the mobile app, GrabCar holds closely to the pillars of GrabTaxi, which are safety, convenience and speed,” he said.


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