• Taxi driver wounds passenger with samurai


    After a series of reported incidents involving arrogant and rude cab drivers, some of which had gone viral on social media over the last several days, a taxi driver allegedly attacked his passenger with a katana (Japanese samurai) on Wednesday night in Quezon City.

    In an attempted homicide case filed in Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Station 7, complainant and passenger Bayani Arradaza, 40 years old, said he was able to evade the attack but was wounded after arguing with the driver.

    It was about 6:40 p.m. of Wednesday when he and his 10 year-old son boarded the Sangalang taxi driven by suspect Manuel Publico at UP Bliss, Quezon City, and asked to be brought to Project 4, also in Quezon City.

    After a few minutes, Arradaza said he noticed that they were going to Cubao, prompting him to tell the driver to go to Project 4 instead, irking Publico in the process.

    Upon reaching Columbia and Miami streets in Cubao, Publico stopped the cab and instructed Arradaza and his son to alight from the taxi.

    Father and son, with Arradaza looking around for assistance.

    But Publico followed them and pulled Arradaza’s sling bag.

    Not contented, the driver returned to the taxi, got a samurai and tried to hit the complainant but Arradaza managed to parry the blow and take the weapon from Publico’s hand.

    But fearing for his son’s life, the victim, who had been wounded, threw the sword away and he and his son ran to safety.

    Publico picked the weapon and tried to stop Arradaza and his son but passersby and motorists responded to help.

    The QCPD has asked Arradaza to also file a formal complaint at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

    The cab was found to be originally operated by Sangalang but it was sold and transferred to Belley.

    The driver used to work for Euro Taxi prior to his employment with Sangalang Taxi.
    Meanwhile, LTFRB board member Ariel Inton on Thursday said the series of reported incidents involving taxi drivers are becoming alarming.

    “Alarming in the sense that illegal acts are no longer about over-charging or refusal to convey passengers, now we’re talking about more violent acts such as attempted homicide, in other words, there are some drivers out there who are willing and ready to injure, and worse kill their passengers,” Inton noted.

    He said it is time to revisit current orders and memorandum circulars in order to address such incidents.

    “Such involves selection and supervision of drivers by operators, besides the burden of the driver’s actions are always [borne by]operators themselves since they are the franchise grantees,” Inton added.


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    1. The authorities & the upper & lower chamber of Congress should revisit & change/modify the Laws to conform to the needs to protect the rights & safety of each of the citizens of the Republic. It should be nationalized so as to deter & control any crime within the republic. Imposing “death penalty” by lethal injection & firing squad, to drug lords, hired killers & etc that create or do heineus crimes even though they’re government officials or rich people will give the populace lots of room to breath, feel safe & trust others even the law enforcers & the government.

      Not lifting a hand to take the matter seriously, it will be a chaotic nation wherein the majority who cares, someday will take the sutuation unto their hands thus inviting to make matter worst which could convert the cities & busy towns as a war zone.

      We, the Filipinos, will suffer also economically while the country is run by War Lords & Drug Lords.