Teachers’ group thumbs down martial-law musical


DAET, Camarines Norte: A musical aboout the dark years of martial law in the country has stolen part of the drama offstage.

Days before the staging of Katips: AngMgaBagongKatipunero, the local chapter of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) led by Alwayn Paloma has assailed the endorsement of the musical by Walfredo Gavarra, Department of Education (DepEd) assistant division superintendent of Camarines Norte.

Paloma said Gavarra’s endorsement is contrary to DepEd Order 143, which prohibits officials of the department from selling tickets for any performance, be it on voluntary or compulsory basis.

Gavarra admitted issuing an office memorandum but only because the producer of the play has the endorsement of Alberto Muyot, DepEd undersecretary for legal and legislative affairs, who said attendance to the play should be voluntary.

He explained that his memorandum encourages and invites students of both public and private schools, and their attendance should be with their parents’ consent.

Gavarra said performances can help students better understand and appreciate their history and culture, adding that the play itself addresses issues like heroism which he said is relevant and related to contemporary events.

He added that students’ education should not only be confined to the four corners of the classroom but it can also be learned from other venues and media, like a musical.

Written by Vince Tanada, Katips: AngMgaBagongKatipunero revolves around characters caught in the maelstrom of the Marcos martial-law years.

It will have its local run on December 12-13 at the Camarines Norte Agro Sports Center.


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